Roxicodone (oxycodone Hydrochloride) Tablets Usp, Cii 30 Mg, Generic From India


I recently received some roxycodone's 30mg from India and they don't look anything like original blue 30mg roxies.. They look like maybe watson 10/500 hydro/apap or maybe 7.5 hydro/apap with lots of filler.. What was strange is the sealed packaging actually says roxycodone and describes the little blue pill with the 54 199 imprint used to identify the roxy's. These don't have any imprint on them. I'm sure they're not real or maybe some other sort of pill, but I'm very curious to see what the picture database pulls them up as (if anything as they're generic yellow looking capsules, but I also have the 10-pack packaging that claims there roxy's they were sealed in for reference as well.

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India has different marking rules than the FDA here in the US. The pills are made there.

The packaging is probably purchased from a US company in bulk for consumers.

There's no reason to believe that the active ingredients won't work.

India has MANY well educated doctors, pharmacists, etc.

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And the FDA databases only include medications that are approved and available here in the U.S. that have markings on them. If they are no markings and it is from a foreign source, it will not be listed in them and other than having it lab tested, there is no way to be certain of what you've received.

Is anyone familiar with these?

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I was wondering about these too. I received the same exact 10-pack blister pack as you I think. I've been trying to figure out what they were and if they were safe to ingest. Have you tried them yet? Any result?

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I am sorry I clicked on REPORT instead of reply! I didn't mean to.

I spoke to the FDA when I wanted to order Modvigil--a generic of Modafinil. The woman I spoke to said as long as my Doctor had a record in my files that I took it and how much, and that I didn't exceed 180 in one order, it was legal. Then I asked her about Oxycodone/Roxycodone and Lorazapam. She said those are controlled substances and it is 100% illegal to order them if you don't have a prescription from an overseas pharmacy, and eventually you will get caught. She stressed that even though they sell these drugs on these pharmaceutical web sites, don't do it. The pharmacy will be shut down, and you will be facing jail time. I am only passing this information on to you so that you know what the FDA told me. I hope if you take the risk, you are not one of the people that get caught! The best to you!

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I hav white smale round pill witj 240
0.5 on one side and watson on other i was told they are 30mg oxycodone the info i found says its lorazepam can this be clarified

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I've had the same ones refilled for an rx and I felt loopy and giggly felt smt not the oxy feeling though

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Lol. Well of course she said that. Do you know how generic it sounded too? Anyone trying to buy pills that are considered narcotics via the internet knows all of this already. It's their attempt to get them when there is no other way. And 99% of the time you're getting dupped. If they're from India id be wary. I knew of a guy getting 1000 bars for $2 ea and most of the time they'd be fake. I think they sent him real ones twice. The last time they were fake. Very obvious, they crumbled if you touched them, turned weird when wet, many obvious signs. Also, I don't think there are 10 and 20mg roxicodone, only 15 and 30mg, and perhaps higher, not sure. I just broke my back and got 60 10mg oxycodone hcl (the ones without Tylenol in them) so everyone thinks they're roxy's but they're not. Are the 15 and 30s also oxycodone hcl, but called roxicodone, like what's the difference? I'm not sure. Can anyone answer that for me? Thanks.

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There are such mgs as the 10mg and 20mg Roxy's, the 10mgs are small round and pink and the 20mgs are light brown, tan color...BUT, if you are purchasing any mgs of these or any pill from a illegal site then you are most definitely correct! They are probably fakes! Trust me, you do not want to ingest any of these fake pills! I just got discharged from the hospital after a 6 day visit and battle for my life after ingesting a half of what was supposed to be a 10mg percocet! I lost totally unconscious and came very close to death! Blood pressure was so low the drs don't even know how I lived. I think I have unfinished work on earth. My brain was so swollen I couldn't open my eyes for 4 days! Believe me, everyone needs to be getting their meds from a trusted Dr and pharmacy or not at all. If you value your lives!

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This is a prime example of counterfeiting. Oxycodone is thoroughly illegal in India, where the ONLY opioid analgesic (apart from codeine) on the market is morphine sulphate. Do not touch, you have no idea what is in these things. So avoid like the plague!

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Considering that the ONLY opioid analgesic available in india is morphine sulphate, any oxycodone tablet is going to be counterfeit. There are NO oxycodone tablets available in that country, and only two or maybe three API manufacturers there hold a licence to manufacture it, mainly for the US generics market (Macfarlan Smith UK and Mallinckrodt USA between them make over 90% of the world supply of oxycodone hydrochloride).

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Hey Mr buckets, first of all, there are 10, 15, 20, and 30mg immediate release oxycodone. Roxycodone, or Roxycet, is the name brand for these. The narcotic in these is oxycodone. There is no difference. If you're getting immediate release oxycodone, it's just that. The only difference is that you'll pay slot more for the name brand. Now, as far as the 10mg oxycodone with Tylenol that you're taking, those are Percocet. But if they don't say, "Percocet" on the pill itself, then it's one of many generic versions of the same pill. The only thing to know is if some one tries to prescribe you Oxycontin, then just know it's the time/extended release version of oxycodone. And they come in 10, 20, 40, and 80 my pills. I hope that helps.

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So have anyone evet gotten legit oxycodone or percocet from anywere.. if so can u Share?

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