Round Orange Pill With Fp


I found this pill while cleaning between my couch pillows. I have a picture of it if there is a way to post. The other side of the pill has a line so you can cut equally in half. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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I have also found a pill that is round orange with one side a line and other side says FP and I looked around my boyfriends stuff and found a packet of them. It is call Exemestane 25 mg from freedom pharma it is a part of his cycle of steroids he is doing a round of anadrol this time and he take not just the shot but 4 different pills. I hope this helps. I believe it is an estrogen based pill but don't quote me now u have a name to look up and see what it is. Good luck and if u have any other questions I am sure I can answer

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Thank you for your information. I'll take a look around my boys' things.

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