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I took peginterferon shots once a week with 6 ribavirin tablets a day. I had skin reactions and scatched all the hair off my body in my sleep from my neck down. I may soon go back on the treatment since they have a second shot (don't know name) and they think I may have a chance. Is there anything to counter the ribavirin reaction and rash?

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Have you discussed it with your doctor?

You may be able to use an antihistamine to help prevent it from happening, again, but only your doctor can help you decide if it's safe for you to use one.


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I did the 48 week course of Interferon & Ribavirin. At the end of it my Hep 'C' was gone; six months later it was back. I too am about to start the same course again but with an added new drug, one of a possible two. They're still deciding which of the two would suit me best. During my initial 48 weeks I suffered from hair loss, dry and flakey skin & general fatigue. Can't say I'm exactly looking forward to this second attempt to cure me but hey, no gain without pain.

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I took Benadryl for my itching and made sure I always had cortisone cream or some kind of moisturiser handy- it's a pain in the ass but it helped for a little while- enough to get to sleep after ambien and zanaflex! Good luck!

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