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Hello all, I've been issued Rhodes oxycodone 10/325 by CVS in Nashville and have had very bad reactions, some good reactions and sometimes no reactions at all from these pills. This is my first script of 120 pills and need some info on how to file a complaint to the FDA. I've taken these pills in the past (percodan, percocet) and never had to think twice whether or not they would ease my pain. With these I never know what I'm going to get. Sometimes I just feel awful with NO pain relief whatsoever. Sometimes they work fine and other times just barely. How can a company do business with such an unpredictable product? Needless to say I will be short, so add extreme anxiety as well. I've read others who share the same stories and believe me I feel for you. I've also made sure to take them the exact same way every time so as not to feel crazy. Just sayin.... C/O Needlessly hurting in Nashville.

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Look up FDA medwatch. It will lead you to a form you can fill out.

I too have been given Rhodes percocet recently. I agree that they're very inconsistent. Most of them DO NOT work at all, while a few do. I had to supplement with naproxen while taking the Rhodes percocet; and I think the Ibuprofen actually helped more than the Rhodes.

One note about CVS, they often also carry Qualitest percocet. It's not the greatest either (side effects) but it certainly works much better than Rhodes. You have to ask the CVS pharmacist if they have it. They usually keep it in stock but won't offer it to you unless you ask.

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Have you discussed this with your pharmacist or doctor? It is doubtful what you have experienced is severe enough for the FDA to look into it. It is also possible you have built up a tolerance to the medication, but, the link to where you file a complaint with the FDA is below.

MedWatch Online Voluntary Reporting Form-

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Re: Mason (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks but unfortunately I’m in Nashville and all the CVS stores here have switched to the dreaded Rhodes. No doubt it’s the $$$$

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Re: Mason (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi mason, our CVS here has ONLY Rhodes now in all stores. I looked up the pharmacology on their oxy’s and found they use magnesium stearate. Side effects of all things are; poor GI absorption! Also suppressed T cells & manufacturing contamination. Also formaldehyde risk. People have been trying to get it banned for years. Very interesting at the very least.

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The CVS' here in central Indiana still carry the Qualitest percocet. Their "preferred" brand is Rhodes so that's what they dispense unless you ask beforehand. Apparently it's not the same there in Nashville.

Those inert ingredients are common in most percocet formulations. The formaldehyde risk comes from the PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone) which is listed as povidone and crospovidone. I don't know of any percocets made without these ingredients. I think they all have them now, including brand name.

Many people are of the opinion that some of these polymer ingredients are being tweaked to create unwanted side effects, thus dissuading potential abuse. I am one of those people.

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Well I only have one other reasonable option here is alvogen. It doesnt have the greatest review either. The magnesium stearate side effect of poor g.i. Absorption in the Rhodes caught my eye because of my experience of it taking an hour or more to kick in and also the wildly varying amount of pain relief I received with any given dose. Alvogen doesn’t have that ingredient. I may be grasping at straws but there is a reason? Thanks

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Re: Larry (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I've never tried the Alvogen. I've had Qualitest, Aurobindo, Rhodes, Amneal, and Mallinckrodt. The Mallinckrodt were the best percocet I ever had, but that was years ago. I can't find them anywhere around here. Mostly just Indian made junk.

I tend to trust European pharma much more than Asian. Anyway, good luck with the Alvogen. Maybe they'll work better for you.

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Cannot believe that Rhodes pharmaceutical can sell oxycodone 10 / 325. It is crap. My wife is sick all the time with their stomach pains, the medication does not help. Aurobindo was better. Costco switched to Rhodes just so they can get their pills cheaper. People like me have to complain. FDA has to do something. Rhodes is a subsidiary of Purdue pharmaceutical, it's just a money maker. No pain relief in sight for the people that need medication to relieve their illnesses. FDA please take Rhodes pharmaceutical down, they are only hurting people not helping.

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Same sentiments. What's worse is that the pharmacy acts cold and deaf to the ears. FDA it is.!

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Don't, it doesn’t help.

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My pharmacy just gave me these. I could not take them when Walgreens started carrying them. Now my pharmacy is, Walmart. I have to take with a benadryl. Feels like an allergic reaction. Calling dr tomorrow.

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I stopped going to CVS because they were stocking low quality generics and some actually made me ill (not oxycodone, but other meds).
Generics can vary up to 20% in strength from the brand name meds, stronger or weaker. You’ll have to struggle through this and go somewhere else for your next fill. Your doctor may be able to prescribe a little extra “for breakthrough pain” but maybe not.

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I agree with you I have no idea how to file a complaint, these pill are bad , I have had pharmacy tell me it was in my head , then some tell me I am right we are all different, I am sorry that you are not well I go through the same thing even talk to my doc about it and he told me that a lot of his patients have the same problem, I know they are made in India , every thing made overseas ! They are 20 percent lower in oxycodine, the best ones are the yellow ones alvogen , if you can find them, millcocrof are ok too , I always ask the pharmacy what the got , before I fill anything! Sorry I can be more help ,

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Re: Optimistic (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I can assure u these chain stores like Walgreens, CVS, etc are cheap NO GOOD drugs! That's why they can sell a lot for $4. If they tell u that it’s the same mg like all other stores THEY R LIARS! My body doesn’t lie to me! They put just enough active ingredients in their pills to show positive on a drug panel!

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