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Reductil was suspended and I'm looking for an alternative medication. ## Reductil contained Sibutramine, an appetite suppressant used to aid in weight loss. It was suspended in your country, than I cannot help you discover what else may be available as an alternative, without knowing what country you are in. Where are you located? Have you tried asking your doctor what else you can use? ## What substitute pill can i use instead of Reductil? ## What can substitute Reductil and still be as effective? ## Hi! First of all! Thank you for running a hassle free FAQ site. Secondly, I stay in Dubai-(United Arab Emirates). I used to take Reductil for weight reduction & it had started to show amazing results for me before it got banned in Dubai. Kindly suggest a tablet which is similar in ...

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I have used reductil before with no side effects. What about the diet pill Phen37? ## Unfortunately, I can't find any definitive information on what this contains. Have you tried asking your doctor, or pharmacist? In some cases, if the products contain some type of stimulant, it can be problematic for you, because it can elevate blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, you should check with your doctor, before taking it.

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If I take sibuslim-15 can I lose weight? ## how does sibuslim 15 mg work and what are the side effects ## sibuslim 15 è uguale a reductil? ## hello can you tell me how effective is the sibuslim-15 is it safe? i want to lose approx. 30lbs i only want to get rid of the stomach nothing else! can you reply asap! thankyou ## how to use sibsulim tablets ## what sibuslim 15 capsules for .and what is the out come is it saft to take ## i am 163 lb and 5feet 1 inch i need to lose 33lb can i lose it 30 days if i use it the correct way how much sibuslim 15 can i take a day ## I am 190lbs and 5ft tall, my baby is 2yrs had her by c-section and not able to lose the baby fat, need to lose 60lbs, how can I use sibuslim capsule? ## Estoy pasado en 60 libras y quisiera tomar el medicamento , es ciert...

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I was taking reductil for weight loss, and was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure as a result of anxiety and put on Minax 50 tablets. Can I still take reductil with these? My doctor did not answer this question and said it was up to me? Am a little concerned! Am I able to take both? ## what are the side affects of Minax 50 in relation to muscules

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