Red-brown Diamond Shaped Tablet With "homll" Imprint


Found this in a package of what I can not share, but it appeared to be a diamond tablet with a brand name “homll” imprinted (from what I can make out of the text - cursive) and of a red-brown colouring. I’ve done research (minimal) and apparently there’s a Japanese brand that makes the same looking tablets but blue. I do not know why the difference in colour, or what they are even supposed to be used for but I have an idea. The Japanese brand “homll” makes ed pills with the same shape and size of the ones I found but in blue (as mentioned above) with tadalafil. I do not know if the ones I found have the same active ingredient. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will not be taking it to find out, or will be taking it if or when I find out what they are/what they are used for.

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Found same thing in package similar to yours... Guessing off what I found online that it's the generic Homll 100 mg version of the "blue pill". They must have added it as a gift/advertising(?).

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Found the same pills in a four pack in a diamond formation as well and I believe your exactly rite!

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Got the same, did anyone try it?

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I got the same pill but haven't tried yet.

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Found the same pill, maroon or brown diamond homll, homll makes a blue viagra, wonder if it's cialas

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These are all ED pills. Some pharmacies likely have an abundance of this cheap stuff and send samples with other prescriptions in case you decide you'll need to start taking it.

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Got exactly what was described by everyone in a package we can’t say lol. Very interested in someone trying it!

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Homie loadin up on roids

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I tried it, nothing really happened but I did get a headache so it may be an ED pill

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This was funny as s***, but yes I received it with other things.

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This is definitely a version of sildenafil or viagra, I got a little headache and a hard on LOL. I took 1 whole pill of the 4

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I sure love taking naps in the middle of the day.

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Yeah. I got the maroon-ish / reddish diamond Homll. 4 pills in a blister pack. Actually tried them before, but only 1/4 or 1/2 tabs. Pretty sure these are ED generics like Tadalafil or Viagra... most likely Tadalafil since the blue pills are prob Viagra style. Also heard these may be herbal supplements arousal/libido boosters.

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They work really well. I've been getting them for last 4 years and they are dirt cheap compared to anything in US. I pay like $4.95usd for a 4 pack

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I found the same thing and tried it. They're great. Lasted about a day and a half of good stamina!

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Yes I tried it...i hd a 4 pack and it did NOTHING! I did all 4 and still nothing....i hate to admit it but the old chap was not a flagpole....more a half filled balloon.....those sort of balloons the clowns use to make balloon animals lol

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Got the same ‘gift’ in an order (4 diamond shaped red/maroon/brownish pills with HOMLL stamp on it). Had my husband try it… YEP! It has the Cialis or Viagra effect!! He is very ‘happy’ today LOL. He even broke a record on his 30 mins of bike riding for cardio LOL!!

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