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Can primatene tablets cause a false positive for methamphetamine on a hair follicle test? ## How long does it take primatene tablets to leave your system? I need to know this for a drug screen in 3 days. ## I keep failing UA for benzos at Suboxone clinic but all I take is Trazodone and Primatene pills. Does anyone have any idea why benzos show up? Can two people metabolize the same drug as two different things? Im getting kick out of Suboxone clinic and don't want to do back to opiates...someone please help a brother out..thx for reading

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My insurance dropped my prescription coverage recently and now I cant afford my inhalers. $100 per inhaler and I go through an inhaler at least once a week. I've been having my usual severe asthma, can hardly breathe, chest pain, tightness, cough, and generally think im slowly suffocating to death. Primatene tablets don't do anything! I'm dying here, please does anyone have any suggestions, other than go to the ER.. I can't afford that either but it is a last resort. It would be very difficult for me to get to the er too. Thanks if anyone can help... ## Do you have a doctor that you see regularly? Either a PCP or pulmonologist? If so, they may have samples they can give you to use for awhile, since you no longer have prescription coverage. My mother-in-law just had an ap...

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I found an unmarked glass prescription bottle filled with small round yellow pills. One side has a "P" imprint, the other side is just scored. Ive searched and am not finding it anywhere!! Help please!! ## Hello, Dee! How are you? If it was a glass bottle, then these are most likely old pills, because glass is no longer used. Thus, they may be something that is no longer being manufactured. I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Does anyone else have an idea of what these tablets contain? ## Thank you for looking ive drove myself crazy trying to find this pill! I figured because of them being in a glass bottle that they would be ancient hints why im not finding anything. Not sure where to look for discontinued pills. ## Primatene tablets they'r...

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