Prenatal Plus Tablet G12


Prenatal Plus Tablet with G12 printed on the front. It is a oblong tan colored pill.

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Yes, this is listed as a prenatal multi-vitamin with iron, called Prenatal Plus.

It contains:

10,000 IU Vitamin A, 150mgs C, 400 IU D, 75 IU E, 100mcgs K, 25mgs B1, 25mgs Niacin, 25mgs B6, 800mcgs Folic Acid, 100mcgs B12, 300mcgs Biotin, 40mgs B5, 800mgs Calcium, 18mgs Iron, 450mgs Magnesium, 15mgs Zinc, 2mgs Copper, 5mgs Manganese, 200mcgs Chromium, 25mcgs Molybdenum, 25mgs Potassium, 10mgs Inositol, 100mcgs Selnium, 10mgs Choline, 10mgs PABA, 50mgs DHA Powder, 75mgs Ginger Root, 50mgs Chamomile Flower Extract and 25mgs Raspberry Leaves.

Do you have any other questions?

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Is it ok to cut a G12 tan prenatal vitamin in half if it is to diffucult to swallow?

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So it is ok to take half then the other half right after?

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I heard too much Vit A causes birth defects, does this g12 have too much?

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i took prenatal plus and it gave me haedache is that supposed to happen

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do this prenatal plus tablet work for real?

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I'm taking Prenatal Plus (with G12 on the pill) does it have any Vitamin D in it. if not is it ok to take a Vitamin D pill?

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it has 400IU vitamin D

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I am taking Prenatal Plus which is a tan colored oblong tablet with a G12 imprint by Akyma Pharmaceuticals. I was wanting to know what vitamin and minerals are in it and how much of each. Also is it safe to take a 200mg DHA supplement with it? I am also been taking 2000 IU of extra of vitamin D prescribed by the OB/GYN. Is it safe to take that much Vitamin D with this Prenatal?

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it only has 4,000 IU'S of Vitamin A. not 10,000

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Hello I just got prenatal plus generic for: Low iron oval tan G12 I was wondering if they contain gluten, Thanks

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This is my first time using this. I want to get pregenent , does this thing really works ??

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Does it have dha in it?

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Is it ok to cut the Prenatal plus tablet in half and also is it ok to chew frist them swallow?

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Yes it is fine to take one half then the other half

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It helps me I take them in the morning everyday at the same time I take them then eat I found it better that way

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The best thing you can do is ask your doctor

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They say some women throw up more from it but to be on the safe side ask your doctor

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