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I was taken one 10 MEQ of potassium once a day. Now they tell me I need to take 50 mg a day, but I called the pharmacy and they said that I need to take two of 10 MEQ capsules a day. So that is 20 meq. But is that too much potassium in a day? Because potassium comes in MEQ not mg. So should I take 2 tabs a day or go back to just 1 tab a day? They said that the 10 meq is equal to 750 mg so that is 1500 mg a day. Is that going to be to much potassium.

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I am taking one 10 meq of citrate potassium 4 times a day, 1 chiorthalidone 25 mg, & 2, 20 meg potassium cl er micro, i have my blood checked each month my potassium is always low & lately i am very itchy on my arms. Am i having an interaction with the two potassium medication?

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My client was told by her Dr. to take potassium 50 mg 2 x a day, but was given 10 meq cl er It`s a blue color capsule, but lately she`s getting more even tired is 50 mg is the same equivalent of 10meq cl er? she's also taking 50mg of toprol, 50mg hyradralazine - 25mg 2x a day and diovan hct 160-12.5 1x a day. Can this have some side effects from the other meds? Is the 10 meq the same equivalent of 50 mg? Please advise. Thank you.

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What is the difference between pot chlor. sa tabs and er tabs?

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I am taking one potassium 10 eq per day. I cannot find the tablet form where I am residing for the winter months, the pharmacy has the soluble type in a 500mg packet. Will that suffice? Thank you.

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I would suggest you look up the minimum daily requirement for potassium. I know it's over 1,000mg., and make sure you get at least that much or more in a bio-available form. I like to have a banana for breakfast, it's safe, fast and hasfgkts a type of fiber that's found in few other foods. Natural sources of potassium are the best I think. Listen to your body :)

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My wife takes potassium pills prescribed for low potassium. Originally Dr. prescribed 1500, which was upsetting her stomach, so Dr. pres. 750, it does say 10MEQ on label, and wife wants to know if 10MEQ. means 750? She doesn't know what MEQ means, and neither do I?

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I need to know how to properly administer a KCL (potassium chloride) shot? I'm a non-medical person and I bought an inj. bottle online.

Also, is there an over the counter alternative to potassium cl 10 MeQ ca?

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