Potassium Chloride 10 Meq Er Capsules


What are the side effects of Potassium Cl?

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My grandmother has been prescribed this medication (Potassium CL) and has discovered them completely whole in her bowel movements, why is this?

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Kimberly, when some medications are time released, the outer shell of the tablet is NOT meant to be digested and is just expelled as waste, however, the medication is still released and used by the body, just as it is supposed to be.

Many of these types of medications will even carry warnings about this in the drug monographs.

Side effects can include: high potassium levels, nausea, diarrhea and muscle weakness.


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Mom has always taken K CR and now it is ER. What is the difference. I thought CR meant time release.

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Kimberly, I really doubt that answer. I Also take potassium, and found that I had the same problem, The Pill would show up in my stool undigested. I went a little further and removed the pill and cut it open just to see if anything was happening. There wasn't. The pill was just passing through without digesting. Please bring this information to your Doctor and have him check her potassium levels to make sure she is doing OK.

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I am taking Potassium Choride, 10 MEQ, and am having severe dizzy spells, and feel like I am going to faint. Is this normal?

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i TAKE POT.CL ER 10MED cap and get real dizzy --any answer for this???

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metformin does this as well ...many of the time release medications disperse only medication leaving the casing and filler as waste metformin also does this ..Nothing to worry about they should put it on the label many people are concerned when they notice they are passing whole pills completely in tact

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does this medication cause more fluid in your mouth?

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Why does my pot clor 10 mg. pass whole in my poop

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Could it be
"filler" ? The same thing is happening to me

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How is potassium 10 mEq used on patients with kidney stones? I have chronic kidney stones and my urologist put me on this. While taking this, is there any chance that the potassium levels in my blood will get too high?

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RE: "Potassium CL SR MC CP (10 mEq)"

What do all these letters after the word "potassium" mean? Is "CL" chloride? And "SR" sustained release? I can't find the "MC" anywhere. Is the "CP" chlorophenols? I'm just starting this medication and would like to know what I'm taking. Thanks so much.

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My doctor changed my potassium from 10 mEqs twice a day to 20 mEqs twice a day... My question is, can I use up the 10 mEqs tablets and just take 2 of them twice a day?

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I just started taking Potassium chloride ER 10 and within an hour I had extreme pain under my right rib cage radiating around to the back, like a giant gas bubble. 12 hrs later the pain has subsided some but is still there. Feels like I have a football under my rib cage.

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