Pot Chloride Er Cap 10 Meq


what is the drug for?I have some of the pills I don't no what they are for.

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It is just a Potassium nutritional supplement, which is often given to those that have a deficiency in it. It is pretty potent and may cause some nausea and stomach irritation, so it's best to take it with food.


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Do you take this medicine when you take water pills

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Theresa, some diuretics that are used to reduce the amount of fluid in the body can cause loss of potassium, so supplementing it might be necessary.

However, this shouldn't be taken, unless your doctor specifically instructs you to do so. Too much potassium can be just as dangerous as not having enough of it and there is a class of medications called potassium sparing diuretics, they actually help add it back to the body, so combining those with a supplement can put you in danger of having your levels go to high.


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Does POT CHLORIDE 10 ME CAP work exactly the same as POT CHLORIDE 10 MEQ TAB

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I have been taking potassium for some time now...it has always been a round yellow pill. This last bottle says potassium cl er 10mq tab and it is a round white pill, by the same company as the yellow pills. What is the difference. If it came from a different company I could understand the difference, but coming from the same company, Sandoz, same l0mg. I can't understand what the difference is. Thank you

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What is the difference in pota chloride 10meq era tab zyd and Klor con tabs?

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My mother was taking potassium chloride 10 meq daily in Chicago but now she is in Pakistan. Here we have potassium chloride 500mg. So kindly guide me, what is the difference between meq and mg? How much dose should I give?

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I have been taking pots chloride 10 me er cap I am out at this time .am I able to take the over the counter brand

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