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I'm looking for a skin cream with at least 2% polyphenol content. I find it very useful in treating Rosacea. Until a few years ago I use Origin Polyphenon Skin Cream (which promised 3% "polyphenon" content) to good effect. But Origin does not seem to be making it now. Does anyone know where I might find a "green tea" skin cream which has such potency - one with no harmful ingredients? ## I've not tried it, but the Replenix Cream CF (Caffeine Enhanced) has been strongly recommended for those with Rosacea. "Fortified with 90% green tea polyphenols, one bottle of this cream provides your skin with the equivalent to approximately 500 cups of green tea. Caffeine enhances the antioxidant benefits of green tea to offer powerful protection from free radicals and mini...

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