Please Lemme Know What Medication Is Advisable For This Problem As I Feel Pain In The Bottom Part Of My Body Both Legs Was Also Suggested To T


please lemme know what medication is advisable for this problem as i feel pain in the bottom part of my body in my both legs i was also suggested to take Ubicar but its not working and the pain increases more wen i sleep plzz advice..

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What type of pain? Is it a dull ache, sharp pains, cramping?

I couldn't find anything listed under the name Ubicar, do you know where it's from and what the active ingredient in it is?

Have you consulted a doctor to get a diagnosis on what's causing the pain?

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What you are likely feeling is sciatica pain. The sciatic nerves are the largest set in the body. They run from your lower back, split into 3 sets at your knees and then down your lower legs to toes.

I experience severe pain from a collapsed L4 disk. My GP is a great and very honest man. He said he could send me to a neurosurgeon (Dr. Lee), and Dr. Lee will want to operate. But the chance of success is 30% and the chance it will be worse are 70%. OR, I could let him take care of the pain.

I chose the latter. So, while we started off with 5/325 hydrocodone, once the stupid reclassification of most synthetic analgesics was issued; my GP switched everyone to Tylenol 3 or 4. A lot of doctors did this. The reason is the FDA was to stupid to reclassify the natural codeine in Tylenol 3s and 4s. So, they were not reclassified.

The drug manufacturers have mixed the natural codeine with Tylenol. Which does not make any sense; unless the manufacturers want to kill people. The standard Tylenol 4 contains 500 mg of Tylenol. Anything over 3,000 mg will stop your liver and you will die. Think about it. If a doctor prescribes 2 ea.Tylenol 3s or 4s every 4 hours, you will exceed the maximum fairly soon. I've had several doctors, even the surgeon that reamed my prostate do this. The drug manufacturers should be sued every time anyone dies from excess Tylenol.

So, I recommend you ask for the natural Codeine with NO Tylenol. Yep! It is available.

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I had a nerve test. A pain diagnostician hooks you up to a machine that measures shock in various spots on your legs, spine, arms, etc. You need to do the same.

The results was a confirmation of the pain and the realization that the nerve sheaths covering my have burst open in the area of the knees. This exasperates the pain. Feels like I have a Charlie Horse and Chin Split at the same time.

I am currently taking Tylenol 4 up to 6 time per day. Trying my best to keep it down to 3 times.

But I also have 3 cervical disks that are ruptured. So, pain wakes me at around 4 AM every morning. I lie there hoping it would just subside so I could sleep a bit longer. However, that never happens.

Do NOT take NSAIDs. They are more dangerous than Opiates. Most renal failure deaths are caused by excessive use of NSAIDs. Especially, Advil.

Statistics on USA deaths:
Overdose of Opiates: 14,000 per year
NSAID caused Renal (kidney) failure: 16,000 per year
Drunk Driving Deaths: 16,000 per year
Tobacco caused deaths: 480,000 per year

So, you see how idiotic the FDA and DEA are. Better word would be "Political". The majority of deaths from opiates is from illegal sources; not prescriptions. AND... the FDA, DEA, and certainly the ATF; does NOTHING about tobacco deaths. The ATF and the best Congress that money can buy, is only concerned with obtaining the money from tobacco sales, not the people it is killing.

You need to remember that Congressmen are appropriators, all they care about is more of your money to spend. And they over-do that.

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