Pea Green Plastic Capsule With Green Gel Like Contents Inside


My 11 yr old son came home ill after eating a school lunch complaining of severe stomach cramps. He didn't start vomiting until 8 hours later and all it was was water that he had been drinking. This went on for 3 hours. The very last time he vomited he vomited up a pea green, one piece, plastic capsule (the size of a medicine capsule) with only a pin sized hole at the end of it with pea green gel/silicone type stuff coming out of it. Once my son vomited it up his vomiting stopped. Although he still felt ill. I've tried to find anything comparable online but haven't. Being that the school food is all he had that day i'm concerned it fell into the food from somewhere while being prepared. Does anyone know what it could possibly be if it's not a medicine of any kind? And I would think if he ingested it at lunch and if it was a type of medicine it wouldn't take 12 hours to dissolve.

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i was wandering if you found out what it was cause today my 8 yr old son was at school and when i picked him up he threw up in the car and found the same exact capsule in his puke it happened once before with the same capsule i called poison control and the police to come and get pick it up but if you have found out what it is i would really like to know so i can inform his school so it doesnt happen again.....

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I have seen them before and they where suppose to be tamazepam 20 mg. They are called Jelly Babies. from pakistan. Round and green. You can go to a website and see the pictures of them. I don't know if I am allowed to post websites, but if you contact me, I can tell you the website and you can see them for yourself. Hope I can be of some help !!

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I'm not sure what they are, without markings, it's difficult to be certain. What was posted is a possibility, but you can't know for sure.

What I'd advise doing is calling the school and reporting this immediately. This could be putting other children in danger, as well.

Does your son remember anything tasting odd about his food? Or seeing anything strange?

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