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I was hospitalized for severe ulcerative colitis for a week. Two weeks after my release and feeling much better; I was given Pamine Forte by my doctor and suffered a painful and life threatening reaction, losing control of all bodily functions. I was rushed via ambulance to hospital in critical condition. Was told by hospital staff it was an allergic reaction to that drug. Why did that happen?

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An allergy is just that, an allergy. It means your body had a bad reaction to this medication, and you can't safely take it. There is no specific explanation for it, just like there isn't an explanation for why some people are allergic to ragweed, some antibiotics, grass, or etc. You can read a lot of research articles on allergic reactions provided by both the FDA and the NIH, but what it basically comes down to is your body's immune response overreacting to a certain substance.

My husband and I have both had instances were we had allergic reactions, some of which were topical so they included hives, and itching, just from being in a grocery story, so we have no idea what caused these issues. You know, how many products do you pick up and look at, while shopping? It could be due to something in the product, or a lotion, or perfume that someone else had on, when they looked at it, then placed it back on the shelf. In one store, last week, my mother-in-law was looking at candles, and something started getting to me, my eyes were getting burny, tearing up, and I had trouble breathing, so I had to leave the aisle. Not sure what scent, or brand cause it, I just knew I had to get out of there, and my husband followed to check on me.

My husband and I both also have latex allergies, which some companies do still use in their products, so if we don't know that something contains it, but touch it, we can end up with hives, itching, rashes, and etc.

How are you doing, now?

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