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I am looking for a doctor who will continue my medication of oxycodone 4 times a day as well as xanex 2 times a day in the central jersey area! any help would be great!

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Hi Allison,

I was actually able to locate a pain management doctor based out of Jersey City, if that's nearby where you mentioned?

Xavier Aviles, M.D.
25 Birch Street
Jersey City, New Jersey 07305

I don't know whether or not a pain management doctor would prescribe Xanax, as that is all based on their discretion. But PM doctor's will surely be able to prescribe narcotic pain medication to get the relief you need.

I hope this helps!

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I have been going to a pain management clinic for 18 yrs.

i take 120 mg of Oxycontin 3 times a day, plus 2 4 mg Dillard 4 times a day. and i still hurt all day.

of course I've had 5 spine operations I wish people in need luck.

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Hi, i am 25 years old. I was in an extremely bad car accident.I have been getting the 30mg oxycotin prescribed to me for 3 years now on and off. My doctor lost his license and I really need to find a doctor in the Jersey City nj area that prescribes the 30mg. Please help if you can.

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What doctor do u go to ?? Anywhere in Jersey or NY ???

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I am also looking for a oxycondone Dr any was goin I I was going to Cranford

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I am looking for a doctor that prescribes oxycodone 30 s. if anyone could help me please

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Dr kahn jaffery south jersey is pain medicine management that does pain meds

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I am in Knoxville tn and need apain management doctor to work and continue my medicine

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Please, I've been taking 15mg oxycodone for 3+ years now and take them as directed for my knee degeneration and all of a sudden I get a letter stating my doctor is gone from the clinic and now I need to jump through all kinds of hoops just to get my refills, this is crazy! Anyone know of a Doctor in the Kenosha/Racine/Milwaukee area please help! All this happened without warning!

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I've had 4 surgeries now on my arm and just got back from the doctors. I am in extraordinary pain now and now he wants to take out all hardware and let my arm hang there with no support for 6 weeks. I will be in worse pain. Are there any doctors around Allentown/Bethlehem PA that are good with prescribing pain meds( OXYCODONE,FENTANYL,ETC)? Please help. This sucks.

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A good spinal pain issues doctor in ga I live below Atlanta I'm almost bed bound and my bones are breaking by thereselvesIve in pain all day everyday

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