Oxycodone Liquid & Tablets Prescribed With Diazepam, Is This Safe?


I've been taking very high levels of Oxycodone liquid 10mg/ml strength 60mls daily with oxycodone moderated release 40mg tablets 2 per day for over 5 years, under close supervision from my doctor. I have numerous medical conditions: Gastric Dismotility Syndrome (following Vagotomy & Pyloroplasty for gastric ulcers of unknown cause) chronic pancreatitis and gall stones. I've also got hypermobile joints with long history of shoulder dislocation. Recently my shoulder has become unstable, when it slips out of joint the muscles around go into very painful spasm. So I've been prescribed 5 x 2mg diazepam tablets and also baclofen. I also take Ondansetron, domperidone and esomeperazole tablets for stomach condition. I've read that mixing benzo's with opioids isn't safe. Can anyone advise on the safety of mixing so many medications together? Thankfully I don't have to pay for all these!!

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Hello, Jenja! How are you?

Has the same doctor prescribed both?

They can be taken together, but they both tend to increase sedation, so you may experience more dizziness and drowsiness than usual and it may be dangerous for people that aren't tolerant to such medications.

The FDA also warns that these medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause other side effects, such as nausea, headache and irritability.

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They have put you on rather a lot. Can you ask for some opioid-free painkillers? You are going to have a serious addiction.

There's a thing about oxycodone / opioids and the number of ppl dying on youtube, for your own information.

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Take the opiates as prescribed don't abuse them and u will have no problems

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I've been on an off OxyContin an oxycodone for pain relief from back surgeries ,and always took Xanax , and never had any problems. Just need to take them as prescribed ,and you will have no safety problems. Doctors will not give u pain meds ,and Benzos unless you have already been on the Benzos for a while already!

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