Oxycodone Shortage In Florida 2012


Can a pharmacist just be quite and fill the script the doctor ordered for his patient.They lie to us and then fill freds script for the same thing and smile while they do it.We are tax paying citizens in pain and the DEA has made a real mess of everything. Real patients cant even get their meds.


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The whole country seems to be in a sort of bind in so far as normal patients being depicted as addicts and many who are unable to get their scripts filled no matter who they are or what they do.

I think petitions such as this one do significantly help; but the real question is, are they even going to do something about these complaints even with all the petitions floating around the net?

We should hope so, but knowing our government, that's all we can do at this point.

Your efforts are appreciated and I went ahead and signed the petition. Even though I'm not a patient, I support the legitimate ones. Good luck to you and everyone else out there fighting against this unfortunate situation.

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Wake up america. It is called problem reaction solution.THIS is a criminal gov. they flood the population with opiates, wait until everyone is addicted, and then crack down. IT is a way to control populations. These criminals must be stopped. I am a legitimate pain patient but I warned everyone that the data base is only the beginning.It is going to get worse unless we ban together. I say anyone who cannot fill their script should call in sick. Im sure there are millions of us. This has got to stop. If we keep letting these power hungry bastards get away with this, we will be doomed.

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"Shortages of pharmaceutical drugs pose a serious and growing threat to public health. While a very small number of drugs in the United States experience a shortage in any given year, the number of prescription drug shortages in the United States nearly tripled between 2005 and 2010, and shortages are becoming more severe as well as more frequent. The affected medicines include cancer treatments, anesthesia drugs, and other drugs that are critical to the treatment and prevention of serious diseases and life threatening conditions."

Read more here:

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the dea sux and them and the government is a fail. this is america but legit pain and cancer patients cant get their meds...what a bunch of crap. i fought for this country and now i spit on it. pathetic. im really thinking of moving to uk, or canada where these problems arent problems as it should not be any problem here but it is.

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If it wasnt for all the young druggies that are 18 to 35 who have never worked a day in there life an say they have back pain from sitting or they lifted a rock an used a muscle there never knew exsisted an instead of breaking it in they run to the pain paper mill clinics who have baby Doctors retired working for them to give out scripts to all young people who has runt it for everyone that really has been through major back surgeries an have worked all there life,they should close down all the side road pain clinics an only be able to go to a real pain clinic through your primary Doctor after seeing the films thats real,the DEA in Florida has no clue what there doing or they would all be closed Down,its because of all the clinics who push paper an give young kids drugs is the reason there is no more oxys to be given in the state of florida,you have to have license to sale liguor but not to write prescriptions to young druggies,has they Die off from over Dosing an the DEA still Does nothing an the pain clinic that gave these young people the meds should be arrested when they Die from them-starting any new person with 240oxy 30s-60 oxycottin 40mg 60 somas-30 valiums is way to much for any 18 to 35yr old that have never worked a day in there life an its all about getting high an if they weren't in pain when they started when they dont have them they are in severe pain,If the state of Floridas DEA would make all the non related pain managements close down who dont believe in giving shots for pain an just feed the young people pills to get there 500.00 up front then 125 to 200 a month for scripts should not be open in the first place then there would be no shortage of drugs for people who really live with real pain not fake pain day in an day out,But thanks to the state of florida they just continue to let them destroy all the young adults an watch them keep Dying off like flies

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get this..last month the cvs pharmacist wouldnt fill my rx(after taking it and saying 2 hours) until i called and got him a diagnose code. which i did and im thinking...when is it the pharmacist job to do anything except fill the rx written by a DOCTOR. now they question you, and let everyone around you here what your there for, etc..i would think cvs may even be violating my hippa law-privacy. bunch of bs man

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Plz let me no how i can go about signing this petition causebim 39 & have had major issues with my bk 4 some time & do what I'm supposed to & shouldnt have his kinda problem..

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i am signing this petition because i am seeing a pain mgmt doctor in quitman, ga. the pharmacies in quitman have been pressuring all the doctors in quitman, valdosta, thomasville etc,etc to quit prescribing the amounts (120, 150 or 180). this is outrageous!!! i was getting 240 roxicodone a month. now i moved to ga. and they cut my meds in half! now my doc wrote me a script for opana 10 mg IR and i cant find them at any pharmacy anywhere near quitman. does anyone know how i can find these opana 10mg?

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elkwood-nope and sorry bout your luck.(not being a smartass) this has been going on the last year and longer for others.
the nuisse keeps getting tighter. there will be no more 30mg oxy ir anymore. roxicodone will be making the 30mg oxycontin crush free formula. thats it. bye bye. opana is the best out there and they messed with that formula too. and forget the 150-180 count. my dam dr wouldnt even give me more than 120 10mg percs. not even 150-180. i mean then change the fckin directions cause taking 1 every 4-6 hours but they only give you 120-enough for 1 every 6 hours period. and the fact that your getting any meds period is lucky..gotta find a doctor and a pharmacy to fill. i had same problem but worked out a deal to get my oxycontin and dilaudid for breakthrough ordered but i have to wait the first month for 5 days. i waited, got my meds and good to go...try working something out and say youll leave the rx if they fill it. begin od month is best end of month is worst/

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State of Florida now checks ID for prescriptions of narcotic medication..Since when is anyone but police officer allowed to demand ID from you? And. Just where are they sending my DL number,and why? Does the data leave the strore? How does HIPA laws stand on this? Its nobody but me,and my doctors business how he trets my chronic pain. i dont ike the idea of how everyone who is prescied a narcotic med,is seen as a dealer,abuser or addict.It isnt true. Ive een on it for 11 years for spinal problems,aand dont sell it,dont like taking it,but dont like chronic pain any better.I dont wish it on anyone,but only til the pain becomes their own,do they get a etter perspective of the whole issue of addiction,dependance,and being kept up night after night with severe pain .

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its a catch 22. if you dont give them your id, they will just tell you they dont have it. if you do give them your id, they usually write all over your rx and give it back and say we dont have it. i got mad when they did this and told them straight up dont write on my rx's if your not going to fill them...it looks bad and makes it harder to go to the next pharmacy.
as far as hippa, lol what privacy/ good one never again if your on pain meds. dam dea and govt

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I agree this is so wong to make the people that really need this SUFFER. What needs to be done to correct this nightmare. Please help. Another thing is that no matter what the doctor writes for the pharm decides what they are going to fill. Since when does the pharmacy decide what u need. They dont even know what problems who may have.

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cindy-absolutely correct. i dont have the slightest idea how to fix this problem. one thing would be to ease up for legit patients. the days of pill mills are gone and people in pain clinics nowadays have valid mri's with real pain issues. so i dont understand why the pharmacies cant all just fill the rx. they are playing doctor and its just plain rude and not right.
LAST MONTH, the cvs filled for me and when i went back this month the pharmacist was gone to either another store or got fired. he filled my rx for me. so corporate now just seems to move these pharmacists around to different close by stores to avoid same dispenser each month as their so worried about their own buts and could care less about us people in pain.

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Ordering my pain medications,oxycodone/morphine has become next to impossible. Finally I found a legit mail order service. Yes I had to wait 7 days to get my medications but that is a pittance to having to drive to 50 different pharmacies on a weekend. Last month I didn't get them filled at all. I b rang them back and had my doctor put them in my file. The mail order may call your insurance and doctor... And who knows maybe it put me on a list and they can watch me. Well they can do ALL of those things because I have Chronic PAIN ALL the time and if those are the rules for getting them thru the mail that is fine by me. All that matters now is I got them and didn't even have to leave my house they came to my front door Fed Ex. If you don't have anything to hide and neither does your Doctor then the rules shouldn't bother you at all. Yes it sucked waiting another week, but I had already been in bed for the last 28 days anyways. When you are in such Chronic pain that your Doctor restricts you for driving and picking up my 1 and a 1/2 yr old son I am thanking the heavens for mail order. If your truly hurt you know what I am saying. If your truly hurt you don't have a problem with them picking thru your life and watching you like a hawk. They can watch away. Maybe someone will actually have compassion and after seeing enough of us chronically suffer and our lives torn down to nothing. Maybe just maybe they will come up with a better idea than "Hey lets just take away ALL the pain medication,who cares if they are dying of cancer and only got a year left,let's make them suffer along right with the dealers,junkies & addicts. Sorry to tell them but it doesn't seem like the addicts ect are suffering. It just seems like the legit are paying for other peoples crimes. But let them get hurt or have a fatal disease. I bet then their thoughts would be different if they walked even a block in my shoes. Don't give up hope my other pain ridden people. If you can' t fill oxycodone then change your prescription,its not the ONLY medication for pain out there and ID you can't walk in and fill it then mail it in. We have nothing to hide.

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Hey Christa, I am in the same boat, have nothing to hide but tired of driving around just to get told they are out and didn't come in their shipment. Can you tell me what mail order service you used? Thanks.

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It was a last resort for me but I used a mail order service. It only took four days (I did over night it there and pay for over night back) but my prescriptions came right to my door. I was amazed. If I would of known about this yrs agoi,would of been doing this all along. There are plenty of mail order. Medco is one of them There's walmart ect. I had been out of my meds for almost2 months and now I'll never have to worry about it again. One thing I heard tho is u must be signed up by Feb 1st 2013 bcause they won't b taking on anymore patients but that is just hear say. I hope this helps.It solved all of my problems.

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Email me or just give me a call. 561 {edited for privacy} I'm not being greedy but I know some of the people are not legit but if your willing to wait the few days then I believe u r legit I don't want the bad apples to figure this out and mess it up for us too like they did with the pharmacies. I'll tell u were I am using but pls watch that u don't tell any of the people who gt us in this situation in the first place Ttys

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This is not true oxycodone is still gonna be around. Who cares if they make it how they made the oxycotin as long as it takes care of the pain

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Well first of all about your I. D .. Don't you how your I'd when you buy alcohol ot tobacco products ? That is not a violation of any hippa rights. I am a tech and we started askin for ID, #1 because the DEA says we have to and #2 let's say you came back to pick up your narcotic meds and we tell you , sorry I don't have anything ready for you. It was picked up an hour ago. But guess what , it wasnt you . Trust me, it's helping you out in the end to make sure the right person is getting their needed meds. Also as far as hippa. Explain this one to me, we must, according to DEA scan a copy of your ID and rx even if we don't fill it and fax that to the DEA. I don't understand how that is not a violation of your privacy rights . Why should we tell anyone what medication you are on and especially when we are not even filling it for you? Shouldn't be our business to tell DEA . But the DEA in Florida has been investigating Walgreens and actually restricted some stores from selling any controlled meds stating that Walgreens was dispensing too much oxycodone? But then at the same time they are saying that we deny too many and that we cannot tell a patient that we do not have then in stock if in fact we do. So trust me when I say this is not an easy issue for people on my side of it too. The ones dispensing or denying patients . Pharmacist who went through 7 years of college with doctorates in medicine can lose their licsene that they worked so hard for , and careers ruined if we don't do what the DEA says.

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I know what you mean Tom..My 20 yr old daughter dates a spindly little loafer who has never spent a day on a job site,never spent a day roofing a house,or digging trenches for gas,or water lines.Never workd stacking 80 pound boxes.And he complains of his ack hurting...Of course it hurts,hr doesnt get off of it enough! He lays around all the time! By his age,18,I'd been thru Army basic training, AIT for 11Bravo (Infantry) Jump School (Parachute Training) and y the time I was 21,Ranger School,and several other Army schools,all very physically demanding. After the service, I went into the Natural Gas industry,doing pipeline work,and was into competitive weightlifting.I hurt my ack tightening a 2" union,and dealt with that pain for years efore something had to be done. My MRI revealed Spinal Stenosis, and degenerative disc disease,Lordosis,Ankylosing Spondylosis,none opf which I know much more aout than they hurt like hell on average of 4- days a week.I tried evry kind of therapy,i.e Hypnosis,Acupuncture,Massage therapy,Radio Freuency Lesioning, Depo-Mederol Injections,Facet Blocks, all to no avail. I desperatey did NOT want to resort to opiates...But I ran out of choices.Between you and me, I cried on the way home from my PM doctor with a prescription for OxyContin.2 60mg tablets per day,and I was pain free,and functional. I could work,do the things I needed to,such as earn a paycheck. Yeah, Im disgusted by the chickens***s who scam doctors. I even heard of one guy who was busted after he took in an MRI,and the doctor told him, Yes Sir,this woman has a bad back!!!! So the abusers make it hard for those of us who take meds AS DIRECTED,dont sell them,and keep it to our selves.That is whre the focus should be.

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Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

One day these people who have made this choice are going to find themselves in the position of being in severe pain and wanting pain relief and nobody's going to be able to give him any.

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Is there a pain doctor in Jacksonville, FL writing prescriptions for oxcycodone 30 mg?

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Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Yay for the genius govt. who make it really hard to get your pain meds so pm patients have to go to H to help themselves get relief.

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I've always had to show my ID for controlled substance prescription drugs. California, Georgia, and TN. I can't believe Florida didn't require it! That would mean anyone could pretend they are you and fill your script.. why would you want that? Gas stations, grocery, and liqueur stores require I'D for alcohol and cigarettes, and even hydroxycut drink mix. Jobs require an ID to apply for a job. Night clubs require an ID for admission, banks, etc.. My license was revoked from getting too many tickets in a 12 month period, and I still have a government issued ID. It is probably THE most important thing you can have in your wallet, other than money. Not a new thing either! The government is cracking down on pain pills and this is just the beginning! Trump just declared a state of emergency on opioid, so who knows what's going to happen next, but it's coming!

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I having an issue with my 10&20mg instant relase oxys. Those they say are taking 3 weeks to order i dont know whats going on. Should take 3 days not weeks. The extended they have

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dude opanas sux! There new and very very expensive very!!! Go with some MS Contin or oxycontin the older drugs have come down in price!!!

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I was in a bad auto accident back in boynton beach nine months ago and dislocated my L-5 & L-6 disks and started on oxycontin 40mg twice a day and dilaudin 6mg 6x a day (30s are harder to find just go to 40) and from day one i went to a CVS in Boca Raton (where i was living BUT my license showed a Delray Beach Address over 20 miles away) i had no problem. I then moved to Fort Lauderdale, still, with the same license to my local cvs. Just handed her my new script from my new pain managment doctor (just showed him past records and he put me back on everything cause i am allergic to Tylenol and ibprofin*hint*) and my oxycontin discount card from perdua pharmaceutical. They didnt have it this was on a friday so the pharmacist said come back monday when they get it in. So because my records with cvs showed me filling oxys and dilaudin before, they ordered them for me. Asked how many i need per month and said to fill it on the same day each month and they will keep it stocked. Im a 30 year old real estate agent with purple hair lol. No judgement was made. As long as u have a valid reason and records you have taken these types of meds before you should be fine now. Things have calmed down

If that doesnt help, i called up my insurance company (blue cross blue shield of fl ppo) and told them i cant fill my two scripts down here. They gave me the address to their central pharmacy. I overnighted it monday and got it back thursday morning filled with no issues. These two routes helped me through all the junkie judgement and I hope it helps some of you guys too!!

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THats so exaggerated. Wheres this doctor act, I am a little past 35 and in extreme pain due to falling head first in a motorcycle accident. Where does this doctor exist. The IR is maxed at 180. THey are very leary scripting bc of these kids. When say things know what your talking about then maybe some day soon we can have less people suffer that are in chronic pain that just get exhausted struggling to fight and deal with the pain. While their relatives or family tell them they don't need it bc they don't understand chronic pain.

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Please also be aware of wozika which has a new petiton and a wealth of information on writing and emailing your state senators and congressman. They also show the exact wording or their petition.

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Firstly I have never heard such a heartless comment from a professional. Obviouslly you do not take into consideration, the junkie group has been taken out of this problem. No more pill mills, their doctors have discontinued their scripts. All that is left is the elderly like myself and persons with legitimate pain. For you to speak so heartless and total lack of sympathy I find you should not be anyway connected to the health care industry.

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