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I've got an mri reporty, and the mri itself on a cd, and live in southern louisiana. a lot of ppl used to go to houston, but the dea cracked down. I need a Dr that will prescribe roxicodone 30mgs for pain management like everyone else does here, but I don't know what Dr is which. There are many of them, I know, but I don't know where to go. Some ppl are goin to Mississippi, but I'm not sure where, and not havin a TX id, can't do TX. Any drs y'all know of??

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Dr Robert weimer in long beach ms. he's cash only. office is on klondyke rd. he'll write but his nurse is rough, so make sure you play by the rules. he writes 180 of the 30's and 90 of the 15's. also zanax.

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I need a pain managment docter who prescribes roxicodone 30mg in Louisiana

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I need a doctor in MA. I have family in MS though would I be able to use my Massachusetts ID out there?

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I saw a doctor in baton rouge for 10 years he released me for no good reason i was on roxicodone & methadone . I have been suffering with chronic pain for 20 plus years. I can not find a doc around baton rouge area will drive to even miss. If anyone knows of a doctor please let me know. I am 44 years old married have 3 boys. one with muscular dystrophy & i suffer everyday with severe pain & can not take it any longer.I feel like i want to give up if not for my husband & kids. Please help desperate.

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send me your doctor's info ? They have a clinic methadone.that might help until you get to see a real doctor in Mississippi I know marijuana is legal there

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In the next few years it appears that the Louisiana Legislature will be passing a law that states if your dr is in another state and does not have a current Louisiana License to practice medicine that you will only be allowed to get 10 days of medications every 90 days. The pharmacist will also call the out of state dr and inform them of this.

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dr.troy beaucordray metairie la. 504-885-3737 very nice guy he takes all from medicade and cash too you will get something first visit done deal he does not care if you smoke cannabis. HE WRITES you see him every 3 months you get 3 hard copys

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Does he just write what he wants or is he willing to continue your previous medications or what you think will work best for you?

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Please help - I am looking for a pain doctor in NEW Mexico.

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Hey ninthwardrapper, would u mind getting in touch with me? I live on the north shore in Mandeville and have an appointment w Dr troy, I have a couple questions if u would take a sec to answer I'd really appreciate it. My email is {edited for privacy}...Thanks

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Hey ninthwardrapper ,Does Dr troy in Metairie write 30's or 15's the first visit?

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Hey Pete what are the requirements to make an appointment with Dr Weimer? Do I need a Dr referral?

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what do you need to know? your e-mail addy was was marked out. Do not need to worry, he is a good dude.

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I have an mri, bulging discs and had 3 shoulder surgeries, do u think he will write oxycodone 30's first visit? Thanks for replying bro.

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I do not know bring your mri with you and records he does the emg himself

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I just called n asked n the girl said he won't. Maybe u will have better luck. I'm still looking for a good dr.

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Tammy I just made an appointment w a good Dr th s friend goes to, {edited for privacy}. Hit me up and I'll lead u in the right direction

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Edited for privacy? Bs. Tammy call Dr. Barclay in Laurel, Ms. Takes cash and is substantially cheaper than anyone else. And ya he writes. 601-369-2028

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do any ya"ll know a doc who writes in the Bay Area, Cali ? Or who I can talk to to find one? Doc I see is only given me patches and they sux.

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Hey. Looking for doctor who writes oxys first visit around Gulfport. Bulging lower discs and my doctor just cut me off my email is {edited for privacy}. if someone could PLEASE point me in the right direction. Thank you so much. This pain is driving me crazy. LITERALLY

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Rhodes doesn’t work, Camber doesn’t work! What to do about this? I guess I'm going to have to stop? I live in pain all the time! OxyContin 30 for 2 are $600 dollars. Hell, I cannot pay that and the pharmacy in Louisiana will not order Alvogen, they work! Only place that has them. Only that’s cash, $130 dollars for 120! I used to get by on Watson 10/500! Anyone here in Louisiana know of a good pain doc? Thanks.

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In serious need of a Doctor who will write Hydrocodone in Picayune, ms. Just moved here and need help ASAP!

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I called his office and was told they are not taking out of state patients.

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How much are his office visits? He doesn't take any type of insurance? Do you need medical records?

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No one can tell you what a particular doctor will and won't prescribe. Under the circumstances it would be best to see Pain Management Doctors. Your husband might have to see several before he finds one that is the right fit. A new doctor will want copies of his medical records to prove he has a medical condition that might require pain meds. There are no guarantees any doctor will prescribe what he has been taking.

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Can you please give me the doctors name that you made your appointment with? I am in desperate need of finding a doctor for my husband that writes oxycodone. He had 5 back surgeries and one neck surgery. I need a doctor in southeast Louisiana. Preferably Baton Rouge, Covington or New Orleans.

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This is 2017 all of the post I see are old. I assume its harder now in LA to find a DR not afraid to do his job. It is insane that everyone except the Dr decides what and how much a Dr can prescribe. I didn't ask for this a Dr performed the wrong surgery on me Twice and I have RSD I hate this every day. I would love to have my life back. I never even took aspirin. But without the meds now the pain is so bad I just sit and rock in pain. But the DEA thinks everyone is in the same pain and should get the same few low dose pills to fix all.

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For future reference in Louisiana when a doctor's office closes, your medical records have to be stored for a certain time frame. The doctor has to put a Public Notice in a newspaper that is in the same area the practice that is closing is in. You can call the main library in the city your doctor's office was located in and ask if they keep copies of past newspapers. Some main libraries keep these on microfilm. If they have them. Go to the library and search for the notice in the papers ranging from 10 days before his office closed to 30 days after.

Each State has Laws governing how medical records are handled when a doctor dies, moves or closes a practice. When a doctor is in with other doctors the original medical records stay in the office.

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I'm looking for a dr. In Southern Louisiana I've been put on waiting list but have had no luck and this has all been going on since dr. Floyd's office closed so yeah I would say I'm desperate I've already tried dr. Troy and that didn't work out so any help would be greatly appreciated

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I am in desperate need of a pain management doctor at this point I'm not going to be picky about meds I was going to Dr Troy some of you may remember and still have not found a doctor hints the desperation one of the problems being I can't get the paperwork since he was shut down and now it's getting to the point that it's been so long a year this month that that's giving me problems even though I've been in pain management since 2011 but I have all my MRIs up-to-date Pharmacy records up to a year ago all the way back to 2011 anyways any names you can give me even if you think they may not take me I will try and would greatly appreciate the help more than you know! Oh yeah and dr. Barclay would not see me

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