Oxyir 5mg.
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Pain medication

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Oxy IR does NOT contain anything except Oxy (singular) IR...that is why the tablet is so small.....
Hydro (plural),with acetaminophen Oxy (singular), without Hope this helps.

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I have severe spinal issues which require pain control, but I am extremely careful with meds [I have other meds for depression, too], and have had a lot of trouble finding doctors lately, but seem to have now found a combination of understanding doctors [some of whom will NOT prescribe pain meds but are aware I am taking oxycodone IR 5mg from a pain control doctor]. I only take this medication when my pain is particularly severe, and then may take 2 at once along with some aspirin. I seem to be able to control my pain effectively this way, and not get "hooked." My question refers to a couple of postings I have seen on this site concering this dosage and the "boxed M" brand of OxyIR. This is what my pharmacist has been dispensening instead of the capsules I used to get. He says they are the same. My concern is that some of you have said this dosage/brand is mixed with acetominiphen or aspirin. I don't really worry too much about the aspirin, but I absolutely refuse to take ANY medication which contains "tylenol".....the reason is that I have had...and gotten over...both hepatitis and pancreatitis and that pancreatic and liver cancer run heavily in my mother's family. I just won't risk it. Am I actually taking a mixture of oxycodone and acetomeniphen and don't know it? Please someone tell me.

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Pauline sounds like you,ve made a good choice and feeling better! i too suffer from fibromyalgia! and hip,back pain also. Today i started pain care and the doctor started me on Oxyir 5 so this all new for me i,ll do what it take,s to get some pain relief. It,s getting hard to do my job.

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my insurance doesnt cover my oxycontins 40mg now my dr put me on oxyir 5mg. i cant tell if its even in my system compared to the 40mg. is it in my head. whats the equivelant of a 40mg to a 5mg of IR

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Humr have you spoken to your doctor about the problem? The IR in this medication stands for Immediate Release and most people who suffer from a chronic pain condition need something that is time released to really control their pain.

Most pain patients are a regimen similar to the one Pauline described in her post. They have a short acting or immediate release medication to use to lessen their pain while they wait for a time released medication to kick in and help for a longer period of time.

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I use oxy ir 35 mg with no help with pain relief,I seem to have a high tolerance to pain meds and cannot find any relief any ideas?

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I switched to OxyIR 5mg-1 every 6 hrs & Oxycontin 20mg-1 per 12hrs about a year ago. I have severe Fibromyalgia, have had 4 back surgeries, cancer AND Hepatitis C. Oxy. is NOT filtered through the liver. The '20mg' is used to EXTEND the relief of the 5mg. I was previously taking Percocet 10/650. The OxyIR doesn't seem to work quite as well, but I feel safer, because Percocet contains so much acetamenaphin (tylenol) and goes directly thru the liver that wasn't good for ME. As I previously stated, I switched to OxyIR about a year ago, but have been on this type (combination) of meds for 8 yrs now. It doesn't make me high, or any of the OTHER things, even professionals, (nurses) assume. It simply relieves my pain. I'm still amazed at the reactions when I'm hospitalized, which averages about 8 times a year. The questions I am asked at EVERY shift change are sometimes humiliating, embarrassing and YEP...infuriating. However, I stand by my choice of meds, they work well for me. And ANYONE that is in severe/chronic pain, should discuss the use of this medication with their doctor. But be aware, that most (regular) doctors do NOT handle long term pain patients. You will probably be referred to a Pain Specialist, but again, be careful in choosing. DO NOT simply go to any doc in the box... let your doctor help you in your choice.

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