Opium Lettuce?? Anyone Heard Of This?


Don't laugh! Wild lettuce is being touted as an actual pain reliever. Anyone hear of this? Anyone tried this? Some are putting it on par with Kratom. I actually bought some from a good company (swanson) but no pain relief. Both liquid and capsule were ineffective, but I'd be willing to try another brand if someone can verify it is even a little efficacious. Though I suspect it has contributed to relaxation allowing me to at least get a more restful sleep. Not sure if it is any more helpful than melatonin, or chamomile tea, lol.

On the other hand, I suspect it may have contributed to extending the pain relief I get from the oxycodone I use. I will freely admit that this could be just wishful thinking. It may be a substance that the benefit is not realized until there is an established pattern of daily use. Opinions? Maybe it is a complete nothingburger. Now you can laugh if you want :) jam

P.S. On a side note....does Kratom show as anything questionable on a UA? Just wondering because Kratom may be my next attempt at a natural remedy.

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I actually have heard of this wild lettuce, but haven't had the opportunity to try it (even though it may be growing in my backyard LOL). It's easy to not take something serious that's so readily available and doesn't require a doctor's prescription, but when I experienced Kratom, I realized just how much brainwashing has been done to prevent everyday people from even giving these miraculous plants a second thought.

The pharmaceutical companies are so threatened by mother nature that they have to lobby their friends at the DEA/FDA to make up false accusations for banning it. It's really gotten to that point with Kratom and the people who follow mainstream ideology tend to believe every word they say, just to keep up with the heard.

Here's what I consider to be a 'potentially biased' article by NIH outlining their controlled study on wild (opium) lettuce toxicity:

Who owns, funds and controls these studies? Special interests no doubt. However, we would need to cross-reference international data to point out possible inconsistencies and biases. Kratom for instance is (in my opinion and experience over 2 years) as safe as cannabis (i.e. no one has ever died from consuming it by itself), but guess what, the DEA/FDA say it's VERY dangerous, a public health threat, and people actually believe them because of their authority, despite being inherently biased and flawed from the root up. Yet we see their products such as Oxycodone, etc, killing millions every year and they are "safe" because our brainwashed doctors said so and wrote a prescription. Our military troops guard poppy fields in the middle east to keep this propaganda wheel churning. It's very sad to be quite honest.

Getting back to wild lettuce, if it's sourced properly and unadulterated I'd give it a try... But I still can't say enough good things about Kratom. Based on feedback from others I know, they informed me that it never came up on their U/A. I can't speak for myself on that topic, but I have no reason to believe it will.

Best wishes to you on your journey!

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David... are you a big promoter of Kratom on this site?? Just wondering. I agree with so much of what you say.. I do wish the lettuce would have worked for me. I would not hesitate to switch from oxycodone to this most natural remedy. But, due to conditions, I cant. I just cannot give up the level of pain control. Not even for a wholesome remedy. Not unless it is at least somewhat close to what these synthetics do for me. At least as I understand it, oxy is synthetic. I have no prejudice against a more natural remedy, if it works. Been led down so many stinking rabbit holes while searching for a more natural substance to treat my conditìons, which are many and complex. I cannot fathom that there is not something as strong as poppy. If I could just brew poppy tea and drink it for my daily doses. Lol. I'm a simple gal who would surely enjoy a simple remedy. Is Kratom THAT simple?

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Go to YouTube and search opium lettuce. There’s plenty of videos out there that shows you how to find it in the wild. And how to use it as medicine for pain relief. Some people have great results from this. My friend in Miss. makes and uses it all the time. She was on methadone for 10 years. I hope this finds you and helps you. God bless Francis

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Known as wild lettuce Did nothing at all for me but some people do like it but not many

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I tried it. Nothing! But Kratom is totally different and does a good job! Not as good as opioids but still it keeps me alive. It has a learning curve and for pain choose a red strain, and less is more!

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