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I had stage 3b subungual melanoma and after they did an amputation of my thumb and lymph nodes dissection, they lowered it to 2b, but when the results came back they said I'm cancer free yet still want me to take opdivo (nivolumab). Does anyone have any experience with this? ## That is normal, just in case some cancer cells were missed by the testing, most people are told to continue takint the relevant medication for a certain period of time. The FDA lists its most common side effects as possibly including nausea, fatigue, muscle/joint pain, and decreased appetite. There is also a warning regarding the possibility of severe inflammation of some organs of the body, they are immune mediated. Has anyone else been on this medication? Congrats on beating cancer! ## I’ve been on op...

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OMG! Could this be a breakthrough? At what stage will it be most effective. First detected adults or long term suffers from smoking? Has it been tested on animals or is it ready to go on humans? WOW! Thank you scientists ! ## Yes, it has been approved and is currently in use. It's used to treat inoperable cancers that no longer respond to other drugs, so it's mainly for late stage people. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, back pain, dry skin, dry hair and hair loss. Is there anything else I can help with?

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