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I have MS and need pain relief. I don't like the stigma oxycontin has to it. I simply don't find it helpful. Is Opana a good substitute? I take 5 mg of oxycodone for breakthrough pain but sometimes it is not enough. If I don't deal with the pain appropriately I get sicker and more fatigue. I am not familiar with narcotics at all. I will admit a fear of them. Any answers please. ## BEEN ON OPANA AND THE ER FOR ABOUT 10 MONTHS NOW. I LIKE IT. DOESN'T SEEM TO MAKE YOU SLEEPY AFTER THE 2nd DAY. MY PAIN LEVEL STAY AT ABOUT A 3 TO A 6 NOW WHEN IT WAS A 10. ## ## I have herniated disks in my t-spine and have tried almost everything out there. I started on 20 mg 2 times a day but it didn't last long enough, so I switched to 10 mg 3 times a day which gave me better coverage. ...

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My dr wants to put me on Opana ER. Has anyone else been put on it, and if so, what are the results? ## I TAKE OPANA ER 20MG FOR A BULGE DISK IT WORK GREAT YOU ONLY HAVE TO TAKE 2 PILLS A DAY AND THE PAIN RELIEF LASTS 10 TO 12 HOURS THE ONLY THING I DONT LIKE IS HOW GROGY I AM IN THE MOURNING BUT ONCE I TAKE IT I PERK RIGHT UP AND HAVE NO PAIN AND CAN WORK ANOTHER GOOD THING IS THERE IS NO ASPRIN OR ADDITIVES LIKE THAT TO DAMAGE YOUR LIVER. KEEP IN MIND EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT SO YOU HAVE TO JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. ## My doctor just started me on Opana ER 10 MG today with Opana 5mg to take for breakthrough pain. I know pretty much nithing about this medicine byt have tried numerous different medicines in the past. I enjoyed seeing your note stating how much it seemed to help you and it gives m...

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I have someone who is taking opana er 40mg. This is the question. Can they be broken down and used intravenously? Does doing this help relieve pain faster? ## It is not safe to attempt this, since tablets have not been formulated for injection. Tablets, especially these times released ones, contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled as waste. However, when yo break them down and try to inject these substances, you are placing them into the body in a manner, in which, it cannot properly process them out. This creates the risk of blockages, which could lead to heart attack, stroke, or embolism. If they need faster pain relief, there are instant release tablets and injectable medications that they can discuss with thei...

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I was just at my pm appt and my doc informed me that endo pharmaceutical has won the legal case on stopping other pharmaceutical companies on making the generic. Which I find is bs that they get to keep making the brand which doesn't work for the majority of pts including me. I was on opana er 30 just got bumped up to 40mg made by global pharmaceutical company. So as the pts what is there to do when you can't find the generic anywhere in the near future? The brand just dosent work and I won't put anything in my body that dosent give me relief from fibromyalgia and swollen joints. I had one knee replacement and need another one. Soooo pissed off. ## I'm sorry, but I don't have any information about the legal court decision. However, have you considered trying any othe...

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I was on 200mgs of oc and they changed the formula and all I did was stay sick from it. The Dr switched me to opana er and the insurance wont't pay for it so what do I do now ## Have you and your doctor discussed your possibly using Morphine? There is also a time released version of it, called MS Contin and it is available as a generic, so most insurances will cover it. It is also a narcotic, so the side effects would be similar and can include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and dizziness. Learn more: ## have Md get prior op. its. a from his MA sends into them. if still does work get copy of their formula (which. is want they will cover.) oh, and ask if Md has any coupons which helps the costs. ## OP other side and 40 peach/ beige color small round pill

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PINK ROUND PILL WITH 909 OR 606 ON ONE SIDE. WHAT IS IT? ## Hello, Rich! How are you? Does it also have the letters OR on it? If so, this tablet is manufactured by Major Pharmaceuticals and contains 75mgs of Ranitidine. The FDA classifies this as an antacid that is used to treat or prevent conditions, such as GERD, heartburn, ulcers and gastritis. Its typical side effects may include dizziness, nausea, dry mouth and flatulence.

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I have some very painful condition which I am on Oxycontin 30 mg twice a day and 10/325 oxycodone / APAP. I am on disability I am 36 years old and when my medicare kicks in and my drug plan does not cover Oxycontin so I had a list of drugs they would cover and Opana ER is one that is covered and he wants to start me on Opana ER 10 mg he mention fentanyl patches also I am looking for pain relief not the high. So one works good and it does make me high I find with it. Then if the medicine is really good and make me high then I have make a choice on how much pain relief. I am just to the point I will try anything to make my pain better so I can live a half way normal life would be great. ## Any high that you experience from one should only be a temporary side effect, they usually last abou...

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so im just curious ive heard about people smoking opana and oxy cottin (not the new ones ) has any one tried smoking opana and if so what was your experience like? I havent tried it because of the cost. ## Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled in your waste. However, if you snort them, you are putting these substances directly into your sinuses and lungs, in a manner in which they cannot be processed out. This creates the risk of blockages and there have been medical cases where these blockages have results in respiratory arrest. Are there any questions or comments? ## For those of you that are smoking, crushing, and what ever other funky ways you decide to take this medication... You are the ones that ...

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I heard there is a newly formulated opana er, is this true? Do they make you sick like the newly formulated oxycontin? ## For some people, yes it does appear to be as problematic as the new Oxycontin. There have been very similar complaints that range from its not working as well as the old formulation, to its being said to cause odd side effects. Learn more Opana information here. However, what you have to remember is that the people posting on any given website are a very small percentage of the number taking any given medication. And the reason they were looking for the site to post, is because they were having a problem, the people that take it without a problem usually aren't posting. Are there any other questions or comments?

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Has anyone had a problem with having orgasms taking opana ## Haha you'll get that with any ole narcotic!!! ## Yes problems with that. ## when i take opana i cannot get my nut for the life of me but ive heard ppl say that they cannot get hard or have a orgasm so its normal :) ## yep, it is a problem with most opiate meds ## Ha ha! I was just getting ready to post the same thing. I am taking both Opana and Dilaudid and it is killing my ability to orgasm. The female orgasm is a little tricky sometimes anyway and this is a deal breaker. Driving me bonkers and I am constantly "frustrated". I am wishing I knew if it was the Opana or Dilaudid or both... Not to be offensive but when I do orgasm it is nothing like I am used to. It is a total let down. Any advice or suggestions?

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How long does opana er 40mg stays in your urine ## i need to know how long opana er stays in your system my27yr old took one and ineed to know how long it will stay in the system ## Opana ER is a time relealsed formulation of the narcotic pain reliever Hydromorphone, used to treat severe pain. Some common side effects include: nausea, dry mouth, constipation and drowsiness. You can read more about this medication here: As to how long it should stay in his system, if he took only 1, and hasn't been using it regularly, his urine should be clear in about 36 to 48 hours. This is, however, a very dangerous medication to take, if it is not prescribed for you and taken under a doctor's supervision. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## if I take opana er 10 mg for 10 days how ...

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I was wounded in Combat. My doc has had me on Oxycontin with Oxycodone for breakthru pain. The Opana is WORLDS better for pain without the euphori. I highly recommend it. ## the Opana is slightly stronger than the oxycontin depending upon the old doseage, the Opana also has hi sedation effects so please be careful if behind a steering wheel

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