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The shelf life of Opana ER is 3 years. It has been reported elsewhere that this product has a relatively short shelf life, but it was difficult to obtain a definite answer. As a result, we contacted the manufacturer directly (Endo Pharmaceuticals) at (866) 395-8301, and they were happy to provide us with an answer over the phone. We also mentioned that we were looking through their product information sheets and that this information was not available. They stated that the shelf life of Opana would not be mentioned in the PI sheets, and that we did the right thing by calling them directly. Anyways, we hope this information is helpful to everyone, as we've had a few inquiries about this recently.

Once again - the shelf life of Opana ER is three years.

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Great that's what I was wondering too. Couldn't find that info listed anywhere. What's with the shortage then if it can last for 3 years? Pharmacies not wanting to carry it because of waste or turnaround?

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I believe they stopped manufacturing so the next question is how long will it be available ?

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Spoke with Endo again today and they stated that it is still being manufactured and should actually be available. Is anybody having trouble finding it in their local pharmacy?

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I wanted to add that while the 3 year shelf life probably applies to a sealed container, once it has been opened, I believe that the shelf life will be reduced to one year due to outside exposure. Wondering if I should call Endo and ask them to clarify this. Can someone with a bottle post the date they acquired it from the pharmacy, and also what the expiration date says? I would be interested to know if the prescription from the pharmacy factors this into the exp date or not. That is always a good benchmark for determining a shelf life.

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My recent refill is 12-21-11

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