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Took the drug in mid May 2014 for a sinus condition. I having diarrhea the next day that continued for over a week even after I stopped taking the drug after 4th day. I had to go to the doctor to get the diarrhea to stop, then began getting a rash on the back of my scalp and around my neck. The rash has continued since mid-May through July and continues to spread. I have went to 2 different doctors regarding the itchy rash and have been on 3 rounds of steroids which helps curb the rash while I am on the steroid. However still have the rash all over my body and am going back to the doctor next week. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to get the drug company to off-set my medical costs from the drug reaction?

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Edwardo again. Now it is July 17 and still have the rash / hives. The only thing that controls it temporarily is steroids. Go to the Allergist next week and the Dermatologist the following week. The rash / hives have never gone completely away but once I get to the end of the subscription the rash comes back.

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If you're no longer taking the antibiotic, it is very doubtful that this is still a reaction to it. You may just be allergic to something.

Are you using anything new? Such as a new soap? A new detergent? New fabric softener? Are you eating anything? Using a new body lotion?

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That is my feeling too that how can it still be the Cefdinir since it has now been 2 months since I took the antibiotic for 4 days. I am pretty routine in daily life and tried to think what has changed in the last 2 months. Laundry soap and personal soap brands have not changed. Personal hygiene products remain the same as months prior. I am under more stress at work but don't know what else to check. Any other ideas?

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I started itching (today) day 8 of taking Cefdinir, no hives though until I scratch (or dig)from the intense itching, then welt up for 30-60 min. I stopped taking the drug today and started benadryl and relief yet. It hasn't been constant (no itching for hours at a time throughout the day) but when it itches, it is absolutely maddening! Lotion with aloe seems to help a little for a brief period of time but will start benadryl cream tonight. I will never take this drug again! NEVER!!!

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