Odor Of Eliminations While Taking Eliquis


I hate to be indelicate but I have noticed something strange since taking Eliquis. My urine and bowel movements smell different and I wondered if anyone else had noticed this. I would describe it as sort of a toasted oaty fragrance. I am not making this up or being weird. I am concerned and hope I am not along.

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Oh my goodness YES, it does have an odd smell.

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NIH.gov actually lists the following side effects associated with Eliquis (Apixaban): red, brown, or pink urine; red or black, tarry stools. However nothing in particular about its smell. Has anyone else experienced these odd colors in their urine/stool or think that this may be attributing to the different smell in some way?

In either case I would suspect it's more than likely Eliquis that's causing the problem if you've never had this issue prior to treatment. I don't know if it'll go away on it's own, but if it were me, I'd probably stop taking whatever is believed to be the underlying cause of it and research some of other alternatives with less side effects.

Please keep us posted on how things turn out!

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Yes, I noticed the weird smell the 2nd day on Eliquis.

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Yes I have noticed a distinctly different smell since starting eliquis. Also I think some foods that I eat almost have a similar taste. Not to be gross because I can eat the food but it does seem similar.

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On Eliquis (after huge blood scare) for 34 days. The underarm problem is terrible. I have tried everything Walgreen's has to offer. Does anyone have this problem and could recommend a solution? I am going to have massive dry cleaning bills. Does this kind of side affect diminish after on the drug for a time?

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Yes, I take Eliquis and I also noticed unpleasant urine and b.m. smell.

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Most definitely. I've had odors on both - can we do anything to get rid of them?

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Absolutely yes! You're not crazy. I'm having a severe problem with dry mouth and a metal-like taste. Also an irritated stomach. Any suggestions for the dry mouth? Thanks.

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I've changed from eliquis to xarelto- just a tiny bit better but not much. Also my back doesn't hurt like it did but the odor's still there. Does anyone have a solution?

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Re: Irishwoman (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, this is going on with me. Coffee tastes awful & everything is different. I'm going to tell my Dr. tomorrow to take me off of Eliquis.

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Yes do you smell with eloquest or any of these types of drugs will cause a terrible urinary smell and sometimes even boils we have not found any way to fix the problem except stop taking Eliquis thank you

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Holy this is what I was looking for!!I have been on elequis since Sept. Since Nov in particular I noticed an odd odor ( sorry to be so graphic)when I sit to urinate or have a bowel movement. At first I thought it was my bathroom but it was clean. Then i thought I was imagining it. Then the odor became more prominent. The odor is not from my urine so it must be from colon! No change on diet so I attribute to the med. Anyone know why or how to neutralize? Glad it's just not me!!

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Hi. My fiancee had a stroke in September 2017 and was told to take Eloquis in addition to Amlodipine and Lipitor. Well, I started noticing that he smelled REALLY bad--like sour garbage. I mentioned it to him and he said he, too, had noticed it and that his bowel movements and urine ALSO smelled like rotting trash. It doesn't matter how much he showers, it's gut wrenching and even the blanket he sleeps with on the sofa smells so bad I have to launder it CONSTANTLY and add the Snuggle Bear liquid scent booster and it STILL smells!! Even the dogs don't like it. Not sure what it is but, for the love of all things holy, PLEASE help me figure out which of these meds is to blame and how to stop it. It's embarrassing for him when he has to be around clients and others.

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Yes, I too have noticed an odour and wondered if it was caused by Apixaban (Eliquis). I have been on this drug for several years now but the odour has only manifested itself over the last 6-12 months so wasn't sure what was the cause but since reading all the replies here, this has perhaps given me the answer to my problem. Even though I had a pacemaker\AV node ablation earlier this year, I still have to take blood thinners so don't see this problem going away any time soon.

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You are not alone I have the same odour. Also I am lethargic and having trouble keeping. My weight down.
Troubled S.A.

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Yes I've noticed since taking it my urine smells too took me awhile to figure out that's what it was it smells awful!!

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I don't know about the smell but happily I have been off of it for three weeks and my leg discomfort has disappeared. Generally I have more energy as well. After three years I think the only ones that have benefitted from it are the makers. In the process my bank account will benefit by over a $1000 a year. Coumadin is working just fine!

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Yes I have noticed a change in the smell in the smell of my urine and it is darker. I drink a lot of water to begin with and I just try to drink more but this is one of the side effects among many others

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No, you're not alone. I mentioned this to my cardiac specialist a while ago and he wasn't aware of this problem but said maybe it changes a person's sense of smell. I was quite aware of the odor but my partner couldn't detect any smell, so maybe this is the answer. Anyway, I guess if you have to take blood thinners, so be it. They are a necessary "evil"!! I don't have any other side effects from this tablet, fortunately. Had been on Xarelto previously which is a one a day dosage but my cardiac doctor wanted me on a tablet of lower dose but taken twice a day for a more even spread of the medicine.

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Yes I have a funny smell. I wondered if it might be Eliquis. It’s almost like a chemical or motor oil smell. Strange! I also have a lot of pain which got worse after starting Eliquis.Now I can’t take Mobic which helped.

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Re: Suz (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Suz
FYI. Im taking Metamucil to loose weight at 81, about two weeks now seems to be working. A side effect was the smell from Apixaban in my sweat disappeared which I appreciated but was concerned why, so I would take Metamucil then about two hours latter take my medication, this seemed to work, as a slight smell came back.

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Re: Rob (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Coumadin will do the same thing there's a awful smell with it it's your body is creating it through your pores start using body creams and heavy deodorants I don't know what else to tell you

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Re: Karen (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

My husband's urine has a chemical odor as well. He's going off eliquis now and hopefully the odor will go completely away. He had embollisms from surgery in the fall and had to be on it for only 5 months.

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Re: Bev (# 82) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, I've noticed an unpleasant odor as well.

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I’ve noticed a smell too from taking Eliquis. I smell fruity for a minute and then it switches to burnt smoke. It’s horrible.

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Re: Irishwoman (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I've had the same problem Terry

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Re: David (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

My body odour is really bad under my arms since I have been taking apixaban.

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Re: NAS (# 70) Expand Referenced Message

I had a stroke in August this year. Been on Eliquis for 4 months. Started the old urine smell this past week 12/11/23, and I can’t stand it. I’ll be talking to my doctor about Magnesium. Thank you for sharing.

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Re: Lala (# 75) Expand Referenced Message

Same thing happened with my husband so I know it’s the Eliquis. I’m at my wits end trying to keep my home to not smell like a Porta John. Help anyone.

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Re: Lala (# 75) Expand Referenced Message

It was the Eliquis after all. Urine malodorous after 1 day of restarting. Might look into xarelto

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