Oblong White Pill With Lines On It


We found a oblong white pill with three lines on one side no letters or numbers. No idea.

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I know most legitimate prescription and over the counter meds are required by law to have letters, numbers, and/or symbols that are indicative of the manufacturer, substance, and dosage. So based on your description, these do come across to me as being some sort of foreign or counterfeit version of a Buspar or Xanax tablet. However, without having any verifiable markings outside of the three lines, you'd probably have to have it analyzed by a lab in order to know for certain.

Would you say the lines are more like score lines (divids) or are they actually printed in ink?

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I have a Xanax pill with 3 lines and no letters or numbers on both sides. It's from Mexico. Do you think this is real or fake?

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The 3 lines are for easy divides.

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I have a white oblong pill with lines and nothing else on either side. What kind of pill is that with no name or number on it?

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