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Where can you purchase it in Canada? ## Nupercainal ointment is an over-the-counter medicinal cream for treating hemorrhoids. If you can't find it at any of your local pharmacies or health stores I'd suggest trying Amazon or Ebay, as I have seen Nupercainal listed there on several occasions. Both of these companies regularly ship to Canada, so this may be a good last resort option. Hope this helps! ## Thank you! I appreciate your response. ## I just ordered the ointment and may God bless you both for sharing this information. I look forward to being able to sit in church without pain!! 82 yr. Jean in GA. ## I just heard from a rep at Ducere Pharma that Nupercainal will be in Walgreens and Rite Aid and independent pharmacies in August 2013! Yay!

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Hi, Where I can find this suppository in US? ## From what I could gather, this combination of drugs (particularly Policresulen) does not appear to be available here in the US. I could be wrong, but I haven't found any supporting information regarding Policresulen's availability. Cinchocaine however, is sold in the US under the brand name "Nupercainal". And the manufacturer is said to be Novartis (a US-based company). If you do happen to come across a legitimate prescription-based source for Policresulen, I would suggest going to a compounding pharmacy who can then combine the two medications for ease of use. I hope this advice helps! Does anyone else have more information on Policresulen's availability?

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Years ago these supportories were a lifesavor for hemmorides but I was told they had been discountained, now I need this more than ever as I have reached my 82 year age. Are they now available with or without script? ## Hi Esther, The Walgreens webpage actually lists current information from 2012 on Nupercainal suppositories. Manufactured by CIBA, these appear to be available by prescription-only. The link below also offers more specific details on Nupercainal, including ways to fill and refill your doctor's prescription online: I hope this info helps in any way!

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