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My doctor has tried me on several statins and I can't take them. She is trying me on Nexletol. I guess I would like to know others experiences with this drug. How bad were the side effects? How long do they last? I am 67. I tore the tendons in one foot that have healed. Will this effect that? Just general experiences that you might have had. ## Another one I can't take. I stopped after a week because it was making my asthma worse. I had to go back to my rescue inhaler. A day or two after stopping the Nexletol, my asthma improved. ## I am very sorry to hear about what you went through. It likely wasn't a good choice for you, anyway, due to the fact that you've already torn tendons. Nexetol does come with an FDA warning about it increasing the risk of tendon injury, or rup...

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