Needing A Pain Management Doctor Near Lamar, Ok. Please Hel


I do not have insurance. Having a hard time finding a doctor that prescribes narcotics. Have chronic pain from sciatica, two back laminectomy's, discectomy's. fusions, and hardware removed, then reinstalled. Same thing in neck. Have nerve root damage, neuropothy entire right leg, buttocks, entire back, face, and neck. Spinal stenosis, scoliosis, ankylosing splondiosis, RA, DDD, and more. Need to find a dr. willing to help with SSD, and will prescribe narcotics. Willing to drive within a 100 miles. Please help. Extremely depressed, and having suicidal thoughts. Suffering.

Needing to find a dr. to prescribe narcotics .

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I am either totally stupid or a complete i****. I have posted two requests for pain management doctor's in Oklahoma. I have received an email reply, and cannot figure out to view it. Can anyone help this dumb old hick?

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Chele, the main issue with finding a new pain management doctor is going to be asking them to prescribe opiates. If you ask about that, ahead of time, before even going in for an appointment, most of them are just going to say that they don't, and not even let you get in the door. This is done due to the ever increasing number of drug abusers. Doctors have to be very cautious who they prescribe such medications for, and why they prescribe them, so they use certain criteria, such as directly asking for opiates, to screen people.

Since opiates are highly addictive for many people, as well as being well known to cause dependence, they are frequently abused, or trafficked. If a doctor prescribes them in a manner that the government considers to be unnecessary, over prescribing, or improper prescribing, they could face heavy monetary fines, jail time, and lose their license to practice medicine.

Thus, you really need to contact a new doctor's office, without asking about their prescribing habits, set up an appointment, make sure they receive a full, current copy of your medical records, then discuss your treatment options at your appointment.

As to viewing any replies via the email notices, there should be a link in the email that will take you directly to your post, so you can view any replies.

Does anyone else have any advice to offer?

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