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What happened to Myoflex??? Is it still out there but under another name? Is it Aspercreme now and does Aspercreme contain the same ingredients as Myoflex did? I loved Myoflex because it was non greasy when applied, in addition to not having a disgusting smell like the Ben Gay product that would offensively linger after application. ## Yes, Aspercreme contains the same active ingredient. I just so happened to have a tube here, so I was able to look and verify this first hand. LOL I sometimes have wrist, or hand aches and need to use it. The FDA lists its most common side effects as possibly including skin redness, dryness, and irritation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Verwon, thank you for your comments on my inquiry about Myoflex. Turns out that Myoflex and Aspercreme may ...

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I have use Myoflex for over 15 years and now I understand it has been discontinued. Can anyone tell me where I can still find it and, if not, recommend a replacement brand? ## I'm not too sure what a Sever[sic] Charlie Horse is exactly but it does sound to me like it could be a very nasty ailment insteed..err..indeed, and best severely left alone. I wonder if it's possible that I'll [s]ever actually suffer a nasty "spell" of it myself sometime? I suppose if I [s]ever did, at horst..err..worst, I suppose it could only sever..err..serve to "cramp" my style! :o) ## There is usually a reason that someone experiences foot or leg cramps that frequently and, rather than relying on some over the counter product to try and solve the problem, you would actually be bett...

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