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Is Mylotarg by Wyeth Pharma available in the UAE? If so, what is the cost of 6 bottles? ## I have some questions to ask you. My child was given a shot containing pneumococcal 13-valent when she was 2 months old. Her doctor told me that the vaccine is Pfizer Inc, but the vaccine needle was found to be Wyeth Pharm. Inc. I want to know if this is the same thing? The vaccine LOT is T94430 and EXP 04/20, PAA053716. My child’s first vaccine is from Wyeth Pharm., so can the second vaccine be from Pfizer?

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My mom died two weeks after receiving two doses of mylotarg in May of 2010. Since her death certificate says her death was due to AML no attorney or doctor wants to discuss if the mylotarg may have caused her death. Does anyone know of anyone our family can talk to about this drug. ## I'm sorry, I wish I could help you, but I really don't know of anyone that you could talk to, or how you'd get anyone to change their minds as to the cause of death, which would have to be the first step. I am also very sorry for your loss. Mylotarg, which contains Gemtusumab Ozogamicin, was removed from the market by the FDA last year, because they found that it increased patient death and did not add any benefits over other therapies that were already on the market. Have you tried speaking to...

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