Multivitamins With Dinitel


could multivitamins be used when taking Dinitel? is there any side effects?

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Can Dinitel be used for weight loss?

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I have been taking dinitel for over 20 yrs on and of one per day, Should I stop taking it.

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Just a couple things. I can not spell, so please bare with me. Any drug for weight loss or energy is not good on your body, expecially for long peiords of time (more than a year) and im sure if you are taking it more than 6 months yoi are probably addicted to tbe drug anf should seek help so your body isn't harmed abd mentally you can get stable. Im not drug expert, but can say when taking a diet pill for energy or for a diet, your body is not getting the nutiance it needs, for it doesn't know what it is missing out on! Your not hungry, so your body has no clue. And taking vitamins are not going to help much because your body doesn't absorb vitamins nearly half as good as food nutiance- it is normally almost passed right through us. I've tried this pill before, for energy though not for dieting, and as i see it is mostly used for dieting and i can tell you it seems addicting for me just using it as energy(i only used it 3 times)... Cant imagine having another motive(like dieting)- no wonder it is illigal.

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