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I have diarrhoea some times as soon as stomach ache comes I feel like going to toilet some times there is difficulty in going to toilet, I was prescribed with motillium , ofloxacin, and vibact ibs what should I do I am facing this problem from two years ## i have diarrhoea sometimes problem identified ibs i take cifran ct librax colospa retrd normxin etc but problem not clear permanently pl advice me with better medicine

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I've been on 60mg of Cymgen for almost three years. It is been used to treat fibromyalgia. I came off it cold turkey 5 weeks ago with my doctor's consent. It was causing dangerously high levels of blood pressure. Two weeks in my blood pressure is back to the normal range. However it has been 5 weeks of hell wth the withdrawal symptoms and I don't see an end I sight. Every time I see a glimmer of hope I come crashing down again. I went to work for a total of three days in January, and for only a few hours at that! I'm at my wits end. I've tried herbal products o help ease the symptoms as well as Motillium and Mittal for the extreme nausea, nothing works. Is there an end in sight?? ## Hello, Linda! How are you? Have you consulted your doctor, again? Generally, such sym...

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My son, has gastroparesis, and has been sooo ill, in the hospital ER , abt 14 times, since Jan.2012, losing abt 60 lbs. It has been a revolving door. It's 2 wks home, then 2 wks. hospital stay. He was told by a dr. he should be on Domperidone, instead of the Prednisone ( steroid) he is on now., but ( according to the dr.) HOW EXPENSIVE Domperidone is. My son was quoted $ 525.00 for a rx., a month, by a pharmacy in TX. I found out that Canadian pharmacies will sell it much,much cheaper, I guess a generic name,Motillium. So, I was wondering if anyone has used this drug, and what the results have been. ## You can learn more Domperidone details here. It hasn't been approved by the U.S. FDA, that's why it's so expensive to obtain a prescription here. It basically has to be im...

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