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I have difficulty in feeding my son, he is 2 years and 5 months now. I am about to give him mosegor vita many ml should i be giving him? Please give me a specific answer because i am afraid of the side effects of pizotifen..thank u.

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This product contains a Vitamin B complex, with the Pizotifen, which is used to treat migraines and stimulate appetite and weight gain.

However, I do not have any information regarding the appropriate amount for children. So, you may wish to check with your doctor or pharmacist, before using it.

The Pizotifen is an antihistamine, so it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness and dry mouth.



Has his doctor recommended this?

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my daughter is 1 years old and quite skinny .........please cn you tell what syrup will be the best to use for her gaining weight

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Naheed, you should consult a doctor.

While vitamins may help, if she doesn't eat a lot and isn't taking in enough nutrients, it is also very important to get a proper diagnosis from a doctor, to rule out possible serious health issues.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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my daughter is one year old and she does not take any solid food, only take feeder just 4 ounce of formula milk after 4 to 5 hour her weight is 7.5 kg while at birth it was 3 kg, should i give her mosegar for increasing her apetite?

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i have difficulty in feeding My daughter, i consult a doctor and she advice to take mosegor syrup for three of now my daughter is 16.5 kg at her age i wish by taking mosegor during 3 months period, my daughter gain weight perfect for her age and height.. thank you..

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Hi My daughter is 3.5 years. She is very fussy for eating. Can i give her mosegar? If yes than what will be the quantity?

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we have same problem with our kid and to answer your question with the quantity, i guess u should see the label enclosed in it to avoid over dosage...i hope it helped...

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hi, i cant believe that my problem is solved by mosegor now, its like a week that im giving this syrup to my 2 yrs old son and he started to eat everything!!!! its like a dream for me and his daddy. the doctor adviced me to give him 3ml twice aday before food but i give him only once in the morning.

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Hi! I have 2 year and 3mos old daughter with poor appetite. Very very picky eater. Her pediatrician prescribed this Mosegor Vita Syrup For Kids, 2.5ml once daily.. hope this would help her gain appetite and weight!

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my son is 3.9 year old, and i have a difficulty in feeding him.he just eat what he like most..he is very thin at his age.can i use mosegor vita syrup for kids?what is the benefits can we get in this vitamins and what is the main side effect of this?hope you can help in my problem.

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My son whos 3 years old eats quiet well and wasnt gaining weight. he was 13.4 kgs at 3 yrs 2 mnts. ive started giveng him Mosegor pizotifen. Its been a month and a half and now hes 15 kgs allready. It simulates his hunger and helps gain weight. along with that im giving him multi vitemins wi thout iron cuase he gets iron in his foods such as bananas and spinich so it helps get his vitamines. so may be you can try it aswell

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Hi! I have a 1yr old son and he loose a lot of weight after he got sick. he turns very picky when it comes to food. the pharmacist advice me the mosegor pizotifen but it indicates that it is for 2yrs above. How many dosage should I take for my 1yr baby?

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Dear I just started it yesterday ... my son is 3yrs 2months ols ... very skinny. Just after one dose of 2.5ml of this syrup he ate very good ... but he slept too kuch he is still sleeping its 9am. Not practicl for a school going kid. So I am also thinking to give him once a day only instead of twice daily. Soon will make another visit to the dr soon to discuss all things.

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I have a 2-yr old boy who's very picky with his food and could last a day with very little food ate. Vey moody with food, sometimes he would eat only rice for a day. Next day he would eat banana &/or orange on other days. Via word of mouth, we bought Appetens (Pizotifen / Vit B Complex). I lost the package leaflet and, therefore, don't know what is the dosage. Is it safe to give my toddler 2.5 ml once daily for one month? Thanks.

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I want 2 boatels of mosegor pizotefin

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i am 26 year old man, and i want to increase my appetite. what should i do, recommend me some good medicine.

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my baby 6months old baby is so thin :( hndi man lng sya nkaka-ubos ng 6oz in 3hrs, at bihira lng sya matulog ng mahaba.. pwede ko ba sya painumin ng mosegor? dami ng food supplement vitamins n try pero wa epek

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May Mosegor drops ba for my 4MNTHS old baby? Kc Nutrilin ang vit. niya at Ener-A. tag 30mins. lang ang longest sleep niya tapos dilat na dilat na mata niya, 3-4hrs after saka na sya matulog ulit. Di na rin sya mabigat ngayun kasi naka Lactose free ang gatas niya. Gusto ko sana syang pa inumin ng Mosegor kaso di ko alam if may pang 4mnths old ba. Need Help.

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Is it ok to give mosegor vita syrup in more than 3 months? I'm just afraid she will become dependent on it! Hoping for your replies! Ty.

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i have same problem with you my son is 2yrs old and 8 months he doesnt want to eat. he is only 12kg. pedia prescribed him mosegor 5ml twice a day

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Can I give Mosegor 0.5mg tablets to my 8 year old daughter?

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Re: memae (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

it's not recommended for children under 1yr old. Just try to give him other options, keep trying.

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My son only six month
Can I give him mosegor syrup

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Re: niloofar (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Hello does this vitamine need a doctor perception ??

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Re: jia (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Plz tell me what worked for you? I have the same problem

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Re: niloofar (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I read ur answer my eyes wet my baby is too skinny and refused all food I wish I will also happy like u

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Am!my daughter 9 yrs and also my son is 8 years........ He's very poor spite....what vit that can give

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Re: Jeng (# 35) Expand Referenced Message

I believe they require a prescription from the pedia :)

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my daughther is 5yrs old.. after taking mosegor vita syrup.. our problem solved in just weeks taking mosegor vita syrup.. before she is so picky eating, but now shes always asking for food and i can say shes now gaining weight.

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Re: Verwon (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

How good is mosegor syrub in SS patient
Hope it does not contain iron?

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