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would like to know what it looks like

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the 30 mg comes in a blue greenish caqpsule and the 10 comes in a capsule also just a little smaller

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are their morphine in red & white capsules?

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While I can see that Nora tried to provide some information, but that is not entirely correct, while Morphine is available in caspule form, it is also available in tablets.

So, as to being able to say what it looks like, that is almost impossible. Once a med is available to be made and sold as a generic, when the proprietary name brand patent has run out, there are hundreds of pharmaceutical companies that can pick up the manufacture of it.

There are also no guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry that says all pills or capsules with the same active ingredient must be the same size, shape, or color.

The only requirements, per the FDA regulations, say that any prescription drug sold legally in the US must have a uniqe marking or imprint for ID purposes.

However, the color, shape, size, and imprint itself are entirely up to the manufacturer and what they want it to look like, the imprint and etc. can also vary among the different dosages under the same manufacturer.

So while, as Nora says, their could be ones that are blue/greenish capsules, there are many others available as well, so those aren't the only morphine meds available.

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As to your question, Morphine, yes there are some morphine products available in a red&white capsule. However, there are also many other products available, including over the counter meds, that also come in Red&White capsules.

The imprints I am finding with those colored capsules that are Morphine should have the imprint(s):

Logo of Ligand Pharmaceticals right on the top of the capsule, and on the capsule body 120mg508.

One with a more pinkish color and white marked:
Kadian 60mg

If neither of these matches your capsule, then please respond and provide the entire imprint and I will gladly look it up for you and see if I can determine for sure, what it is.

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E 653 on one side. 30 on the other. small round grayish color

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This is Morphine Extended Release 30mgs, a generic version of MS Contin.

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iwhen i lived in spokane i was give by the drs morphine 15 mgs they came in blue tabs with a M onone side and a mM on the other side, well now i live in montana and now the Dr the other day was give a pre. of morphine 15 mgs sulf the same i got in spokane but they look different they are oval green with a E on one side and a 15 on the other.. thinking i should take them to another pharmacy to have them checked thanks if you can help michele

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Hi Michele!

Which generic a pharmacy has, really depends on which company they can make a deal with to get that med as cheaply as they can. So it is normal to get a different pill, with different markings, when you have to switch pharmacies, and sometimes even if you return to the same pharmacy you might get a different one, if they were able to work out a deal or got a cheaper offer from another company.

Now, that said, it did take some searching, I have to page through several of my pill ID resources to find this one, but I can confirm for you that you do have the correct medication.

That is a Morphine Sulfate Extended Release 15mg manufactured by Ethex.

Here's the page I finally found it on, so you can read the information, someone else was checking on the same pill, and you can see an image that was posted, so you can double check and make sure you have the same pill.

I hope that helps and reassures you that you do have to correct medication.

The main issue here is that once a med is available for generic production, there are just so many different companies that will make it, and due to the laws the FDA has on imprints, they all have to have something different on them.

But there are no laws regarding the shape or color, they can make them look anyway they wish, but in case of emergency of problems, there must be a unique imprint on each companies pills, and something on the imprint must also change as the dosage changes, that way the pills can be identified and traced, if need be.

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white pill round watson on one side 240 on otherside

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I have a question about my son's new medication. I know that they are purple morphine 30 mgs. and they have ABG on the back. He once had an addiction IV-ing Oxycontin. Is this morphine able to be IV'd? If so, how can I find out if he is abusing the morphine in that way? Thank you very much for your help.
-Worried Mother

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I have an allery to morphine and needed to know if cough syrups or any pain medications have morphine in them;this is very important to me.thank you

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Omg can you guys pls help me in finding out what pill I have? My friend gave me a few pills and said they were morphine. Yet I cant find it anywhere online. Its a diamond shaped yellow/gold color & has an imprint of a capital letter D and the other side is smooth with no other marks or numbers. Its a very small pill like a xanax size. Let me know thankss.

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Okay first of all who prescribed you're son Morphine when he has an addiction problem! I don't understand that. I can suggest that you try looking at his arms if he will let you and also pay attention to his over all attitude and they way he acts on a normal day. When you shoot up you get way more higher than taking by mouth so if you have already delt with this tehn you should be able to tell if he has shot something up. He ill nod off most likely and just won't act the same. I still am SO confused who put him on Morphine when he in an ex- IV user. Very strange. Good luck. Hope that helps :)

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Zomorph 30mg morphine sulphate capsules are pink and white

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I hate the Morphine capsules... I have no idea why but for me they didn't work at all like the tablets do for me

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