Morphine Sulfate Is Keeping Me Awake..."help"!


I used to take Oxycodone 15mgs, 5X's a day. After 5 or so years, they stopped working on my pain. My pain management doctor put me on Morphine Sulfate IR 30mgs, 4X's a day. They work great. One problem, I'm up on and off all night. I'm assuming it's the MS IR 30's because I never had a problem with sleep. Does anyone know what I can do to get at least a few hours of straight sleep?

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Maybe try an over the counter sleep aid like zzzquil, unisom, etc or you could try some melatonin and see if that helps. Hope you find something that works for you! If you do could you post back with what you used to woo get some sleep? Best of luck on getting the sleep you need!

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Thanks Jason. I'll get some Melatonin tomorrow. It's funny....I first get sleepy, fall asleep, and then wake up just about every hour. The MS IR 30's work great on my pain, but the sleep thing is weird. Thanks again.

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I'm so happy for you that you found something to work on your pain!! Not being able to sleep is so sucky though so I really hope you find something to help you stay asleep!

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At first I was worried that the Morphine wouldn't work. My doc started me on 15mgs 4 times a day. It was like taking a baby did nothing! After calling and really bothering my doc, he told me to come in. He saw immediately on my face that my pain level was off the chart! Going from Oxy 15mgs 5 times a day, then being put on MS 15mgs 4 times a day was a joke. This went on for a month until he said, lets try 30mgs 4 times a day. THAT works great! Being on the 15mgs for a month was pure hell! I had withdrawals on top of my chronic pain. Wow Jason, what a ride that month was. I feel like I aged about 5 years from the pain, LOL!

Thanks for the advice. I'm heading out this morning to get the Melatonin. I really hope it works. I went to sleep at 10pm last night, and woke up at 12am. I maybe caught 15 minutes here and there until I finally just got up and watched TV at 3am. I'm so tired! I'll let you know how the Melatonin works. BTW, it won't come up on a drug panel as something I'm not supposed to take, will it?

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I'll let you know tomorrow. I really need some sleep.
Thanks for your help.

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Yes, opioids make a huge difference in sleep. Opioids change your hormonal balance amongst other things. Not to scare you, but sleep is a common complaint with the meds you are talking about.

I would suggest talking to your doctor about a sleep study to rule out what’s called Central Apnea. Like normal Apnea you stop breathing and if you don’t start your brain wakes you up to take a breath. Central Apnea is a side effect of opioid usage and is fully treatable.

Sleep is one of the most important things we do and you should make it a priority as to figure out what’s up and if can be treatable.

Lack of sleep is now linked to heart problems and recently we discovered lack of sleep can or will cause lung cancer and yes even in none smokers because of hormonal changes that take place when we sleep. If that’s not happening challenges down the road may be waiting.

Please see a sleep specialist and have the test to rule out Central Apnea then you can go from there, but rule out the obvious.

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I'm not an advocate of taking all drugs but have your morphine and have a smoke of decent bud and a warm non-caffeine drink, like horlicks or ovaltine.

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Thanks Warren, but Jason got it right for me. The Melatonin worked like a charm last night. "Man-O-Man", I got 9 hours of straight sleep. And I woke up feeling so full of energy. No side effects either. I'm gonna take a shower and go for a nice walk through the forest near my house.

I'd like to thank the both of you for your help. I'm also very grateful for Without this chat, I would have never found you two. I didn't want to tell my pain management doctor about my sleep problem yet, because he might have tried a different medication on me. The MS IR 30mgs, 4 times a day works great on my pain. (I might try only 3 times a day) And now, thanks to you two, I have my sleep problem solved.

Thank you all so much!
John :)

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Guess what? It's 3am and I'm up. I went to sleep around 12:30am and now I'm up. This is not good. I see my doc tomorrow, so I think I should mention it to him. This is getting annoying now! I just hate the thought of being put on a different med. The trial of starting something new again. The ups and downs in pain levels. The withdrawals....all of it! Sorry if I'm complaining, but you guys know what I'm talking about. There's a spinal operation that might be a choice. I might give that a try. It's called, Nervro HF10 Therapy.

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Opiates will keep you,awake. Try reading a good book and relaxing. Time to take care of you trust me a happy you will rest. We always know what our body needs

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Thanks for the advice, but I don't smoke anymore. Last bud was in the early 80's. Just don't like it much. My Nero gave me a low dose of Xanax to take when I wake up during those late wake-up calls...."It works"! So I stopped the Melatonin and now take a Xanax .5MG when I wake up at night, and take 5 / MS IR 30MG in 24 hours for my pain. So far, so good!

Thank you everyone for your help. Thank God I'm retired, otherwise this would be a major issue.

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I have so many dam things wrong with me. Another is Epilepsy. I find it hard to concentrate when reading, Isn't that just great?! Does this book come out in, "Books To CD"? I sometimes feel like I can listen to the CD and understand it. Great Idea! "Thank you so much Tina"!

I really want to thank all of you on the help you all are trying to give me. "Thank You So Much"!

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Dang! I'm so sorry the good results weren't consistent. What did your doctor have to say? Did they have any good recommendations? I use an app that is sort of like hypnosis that works for me sometimes. I'll try and find what it's called and post back!

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I had the same problem my Pain Management Dr gave me 300 mg Gabapinetin works great when taken at bedtime. If that doesn't work ask for Trazodone 100 mg it is for sleep an is not controlled so Pain Dr should not have a problem giving it to you, It to is awesome I get 6 hrs sleep

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I see my PM Doc 11/13. I'll ask him for Trazodone 100 mg since it's not a narcotic. I miss the old days where you could have a glass of wine and hit the sack. I don't wanna come off over-cautious, but I don't think mixing ANY alcohol with my meds are a good idea, ya know?

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Diazepam maybe worth a go? I used it to relax my leg nerves as I get crippling cramps. When my back is keeping me awake Ifind I tense it too. It helps with that. I take an hour before bed and ensure I try to calm and chill before bed

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Try leaving out your last dose? If I take it too late I’m up all night too!
Most people find it puts them to sleep. Do you have any neurodiversity at all?

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Medical cannabis? You can get oil, flower or gummies!

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Re: Jan (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Thing with Gabapinetin is it can also cause weight gain. Pain and weight gain aren’t ideal

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