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I have chronic back pain and nerve damage to my right side due to a car accident, The neuroligist said the damage is equal to being dropped 7 stories on my left side. Now he is prescribing Morphine Sulfate 15mg and I am worried about the addiction versuses pain relief

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I have been on Morphind sulfate for approx. 3 months now twice daily for back, hip and hand pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has helped my back and hip pain but not the hand. My biggest problem is that this drug is like swallowing cement, it is terribly constipating. I stopped it for several days just to see if I was, indeed, becoming addicted and the awnser is no. My physical therapist and other nurses have told me not to worry as long as I was in pain I would not become addicted. But of course we are all different. I feel quite safe in using it.

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Hello both Jean, and other questioner. Response 1 for questioner. I have psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, sacroiliitis, spndylitis, slipped disk, and coccyx injury that did not heal properly due to the above conditions not being diagnosed timely. With that said, I have tried morphine sulfate as well. The way I see the dependence subject is this, just because you are on the medication you are not an 'addict'. What happens is your body becomes dependent on the medication over time, and that period being different for each individual. Your prescriber should be aware of the classic tell-tale signs of addiction vs dependence. I started a new drug in Jan of this year, however I've lived in three other states in the last two years, and have not seen the drug used elsewhere. The drugs side effects are extremely minimal compared to other opiate medications. There is one physician I know of that prescribes the drug, and I could refer you to him. He holds several PHD's in internal medicine, addiction, phycology, surgery, emergency medicine and so forth. He also sees many celebrities with pain issues, that are concerned with dependence. As I stated I am sorry for the fact that I have not seen this medication available in any other state than Florida. Another interesting fact is that with this medication you gradually reduce the amount of medication you need to assist with the pain, versus increasing medication as seen and done with every other opiate I've seen. That in itself is rewarding. 2) For Jean, I've tried morphine myself, and for me it did not treat the pain well. I have tried steriod injections as well, which definitely help and allow you to continue the highest level of mobility. I would incourage you to get an MRI if you havent done so already, and have them look at your sacrioliac joints if you are experiencing severe hip pain. My hip pain was treated with medication only for several years until I finally came across a physician that chose to take a closer look. The sacroiliitis has now progressed into spondylitis due to it not being treated correctly earlier. For the record I am only 26 years old. Physical therapy, water therapy, specificed stretching, and yoga have made a dramatic difference for me. As well as the new medication I spoke about above. In my opinion every doctor is different but I also find that stressful situations reduce the effectiveness of my medications, and minimizing your pain is never the best answer even though at times you may think that you are in a far better situation than someone else. That is true in many instances, but when you minimize the pain you're feeling, sometimes it prohibits doctors from reaching the entire conclusions they should about where you are, and where you dont want to end up.

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Morphine, while being a very potent narcotic, is NOT always the best choice for everyone when treating spinal or joint pain.

The reason for this is that, in some instances, for some people, it can cause a side effect of joint inflammation.

I was on it for several years, the generic for MS Contin, as my pain was worsening, they kept blaming my back, saying it was just getting worse, however, I later found out that it wasn't.

Most of the pain I was being treated for was a complete misdiagnosis and the Morphine was creating more pain and problems than it was solving, so it should always be used with caution.

If your pain seems to be worsening for no apparent reason and no obvious degeneration, then ask your doctor questions....LOTS of questions!!


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is there an over the counter pill that looks just like the 15 mg morphine sulfate tablet ?

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i found a little round blue pill with a 15 on one side and nothing on the other side? is this pill morphine sulfate

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MORPHINE.........can be a god send to some people,me being one of them.Suffering with severe pain from 2 chest surgeries and generalised osteoarthritis it has enabled me to be able to get up in the morning and lead a better life than prior to being on weaker dosage is massive and i have been on it yrs now buti honestly do not care..because a life with decreased pain is far better than being in agony every day.

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I have chronic pancreatitis, and the past two big flare-ups my doctor put me on the Morphine 15mg SA, 3 pills a day. Was only taking it about a month, but, for what it's worth, for my pain it wasn't as effective as dilaudid, which is what I took for my first episode (fentanyl patches as well, which are about the best chronic pain medicine I've ever used). I will say this though, the Morphine SA was better for being able to actually function and lead a normal life. I was able to go to work and keep a clear head while still managing my pain. And like others have commented, as long as you are still IN pain, then the chances of addiction aren't as serious. If you find yourself taking them when you're not hurting so much, then start worrying. I ran into that problem with the fentanyl patches... I was wearing them more because I was scared of the withdrawals (which were worse than ANYthing I have experienced in my life) than to actually treat pain, and that led to overuse. Now, I make sure I'm hurting before going near any of that stuff.

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Morphine Sulfate is great for my pain in my right foot and has actually got things where I can function for a bit and then have the pain under control! The Norco was not enough and my new DR wrote for the Morphine Sulfate and it has made a difference for me!I use the Morphine Sulfate twice a day and the Norco if I need it for breakthrough pain. The right combination of pain medicine makes all the difference. Also never wait until the pain is severe to take medicine ,it will be harder to regain control of the pain. Hopefully I have helped somebody!! BEc

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Pain management started for me when I started crapping blood and horrible stomach pain from eating Alleve like M & M's. My vision of pain medication was turning to some junkie on the street corner or a drooling vegetable. My new doc said he could understand my pain, said he could, "Feel it." Four yrs later, he was arrested driving wrong way down main street in a nearby town, 6:00 am, with a loaded syringe on the front seat. I guess maybe he was feeling his own pain a little too much. Anyway, I started out pain mgmt on 50 mmg Fentanyl patches with 10/325 Hydrocodone for breakthrough. After weaning off Fentanyl, I kept myself to 60 mgs of 10/325's I was told my gall bladder had to be removed from years of absorbing over 2000 mgs of acetaminophen a day. A year ago, I was put on 15 mg Oxycodone-120 mgs a day. Three back procedures, including a spinal stimulator implant and, most recently an RFA, I requested a small step up on meds.(back to that drooling vegetable junkie fear of mine). Last week, was prescribed 15 mg morphine sulfate-up to but not exceeding 120 mgs a day. The s*** just doesn't work. The first day, I thought the pharmacist put the wrong pills in the bottle. The second day, I strained my back trying to grab my escaping Great Pyrenees puppy, so I thought it was that. I didn't look up anything on the internet, so as not to taint my opinion. Now that I have gone online, I find I'm not the only one that doesn't get equal relief from equal mgs oxycodoone-morphine. Do you think my Dr. is testing me?

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has anyone experienced severe constipation with the use of morphine sulfate 15mgs?

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DancingwithDawgs: it sounds like you are being tested but in a constructive way. Morphine is not as strong as oxycodone milligram for milligram.But we have to account for something called "incomplete cross tolerance" it is better to be cautious when switching opioids, but if it is not working the dose needs go be adjusted up or a change to another protocol is needed. It sounds like you would do well with the Fentanyl patch for 24 hour coverage and the MS 15mg for breakthrough pain.

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I have now been given morphine sulfer 15mg for chronic back & leg pain due to arthritis and a nerve from a disc..I have had MRIs, shots from Pain Management Clinic, went to a Neuro Dr and had nerve conduction test, more lab work that I can say.----.was on Tylenol3 with codeine.......nothing has helped.......seems like since I started the morphine sulfer 15 mgs my pain is worse.......unbearable at times....I can't lie down.I sleep in my recliner, when I sleep..........what is morphine sulfer equvalent to? I go to my family Dr tomorrow...

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I don't know what to do!!!

Is it the morphine or the vicodon that is constipating?
I have tried to "stop" each for reasonable periods of time to find out which is constipating. Horrible constipation.

I must have medication but it does not seem to help.. Terrible when I lie down.

Two options -- neither attractive. Take meds and suffer horrible onstipation ----- or stop meds and endure horrible pain.

Is there an answer?

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Yes, constipation is a very common side effect of morphine. This -might- ease up after a while, but I find drinking lots of vegetable and fruit juice helps. Note that when you stop taking morphine, you usually go through a few days of diarrhea.

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I always take a stool softner to avoid constipation since I now take pain medicine! I take 2 stool softners daily and it has reduced the constipation problem. I wish my dr would give me something stronger for the osteoarthitis in my knee and foot.

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My husband just had anterior/posterior back operation on May 1st and 2nd, L3 through S1, brought him home on the 11th, he has throbbing pain from the left butt down, taking the Moraphine- 2 per day with Vicodon for breakthrough pain, is not working well. He only get relief for about 4-5 hours, he has doubled the Moraphine but can't get any long term pain control, seems to me he is getting worse instead of better with the Moraphine, goes for his post op on 6/7, hopefully they can find out what is going on with him and do something for better pain management, I feel for him as there is no much I can do for him, any suggestions, thank you.

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I have just been put on morphine 15 mg and the doctor told me and so did the written material that accompanied the medicine that it along with all pain killers - It said to take a laxative while taking this med.
Hope this helps. If a laxative becomes too harsh, try a stool softener.

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First off, all narcotics cause constipation. You can do stool softeners, crushed flax seed, prunes, any number of things.
If you are a pain patient, you will not get addicted to pain meds. There are times if you are going from one drug to another, you might have to be weaned off of the old one, but not always the case. Now if you abuse your pain meds, then there is a higher risk of you becoming addicted. I read of Brokenbiker taking 15mg of Morphine. That is a very low dose. For instance I take 60 mg of morphine, and 5 mg of percoset for break through pain. This 60mg is the highest dose you can get outside of the hospital. If your DR. is giving you more then 60mg of Morphine twice daily, then he better keep an eye on where the DEA is searching, because he can have his license taken away..
But as for you only having a some dose, of that drug, are you truly getting pain relief.
As for Shirley, it sounds like the pain you are referring to is nerve pain. And Morphine and any other Narcotic will not help nerve pain. A good drug for nerve pain is Neurotin. They would start him out on a low dose, and work there way up. Like right now I am on 800mg 3x a day. Hope this helps.
To Sandra, any narcotic is is constipating. They are both Narcotics..
To Fish. The narcotic does not help relieve nerve pain. Ask your DR. about Neurotin.

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From my experience, opiates such as oxycodine and morphine really are one in the same.... The Drs state that they are for cronic pain, but from mine and almost everyone I kno, with herniated disc, slipped disc, and many other back n hip problems, they really don't work worth s**t. I had a Dr take a chance with me n put me on subutex, which yes is an opiate blocker, but I swear by it, it got me off the consipating pain killers n the endless nights crying in, pain... Not saying it will help everyone, just speaking from my own experience

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i cant find a pharmacy even to get my morphine sulphate filled. been 2 weeks going to walgreens, cvs, walmart, publx etc. sad when scoliosis is so painfull and severe. im in bradenton area, fl.

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i am fortanate as i have constapation on a rare for me ..... but for those less fortanate try this two tablespoons of coconut oil it has a lot of positive health benifits including some fibermilaga relief ...... look it up coconut oil effects on body ..... been on hrdrocodone for a very long time for fentynle breakthru pain. ..... they tapered me down now they scripted morpine sulfate 15er .... can anyone tell me their experience on which manufacteror had the best h worse result thank you

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Due to insurance authorization, I'm unable to get my med with insurance to pay till the 4th day on my 30 mg Morphine sulfate ER, but can get my 15 mg IR. My doctor is on vacation. Can I take extra 15 mg IR to prevent withdrawal and keep pain levels down?

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Magnesium helped me a lot with constipation.
I take about 500mg of magnesium a day.
Sometimes more.
If you get diarrhea (dont know how to spell that) you've taken too much, that's how you can tell what dose is right for you. You should read about it for your self.
A good probiotic will help too, i take Dr Ohiras, sorry if I spelled that wrong.

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Glad to hear that you've found a protocol that's effective for you.Sadly for those unfortunate to have been born with a genetic predisposition for addiction (about 12% of the population)
Dosing with powerful opiates/opioids can become problematic even when taken therapeutically at the recommended dosage, dependence and tolerance can morph into a full blown addiction to this classification of
Narcotic opiates.Most quality and
Comprehensive pain management specialist's will appropriately prescribe a complimentary treatment plan that augments interventional techniques with medication to best meet the needs
Of the individual.Theres no one hard and fast answer to chronic pain management but morphine treatment alone rarely benefits the patient alone.

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I've been on Morphine for 9 1/2 yrs. You don't really have to worry about addiction when you're in legitimate pain. Your body will be dependent on it but that's not the same as addicted. It's probably harder to get addicted to Morphine because it is non-euphoric. I've tried everything under the sun and its really the only one that is non-euphoric. It works great on my pain, I have severe joint pain ftom SLE, RA, and Sjogrens, I also suffer from DDD and degenerative Scoliosis. If it's not giving you enough relief tell your doctor they can raising your dose until you gey to a comfortable level. I also take Zofran if it makes me nauseous. Good luck.

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There is a new medication called "Lizeness," it helps you go to the bathroom (due to IBS-C... Irritable Bowl with constipation).. Take the higher dose of 290mg.. The 145mg doesn't work for "this situation." Do NOT take the new medication for constipation due to Opiates because it literally MAKES YOU go into withdrawal in order to work. So. That being said... You can take OTC laxatives (I find the Wal-Mart brand work BEST... Although, I have suffered from horrible pain & cramping because I took many of the laxatives). It's just a really bad side effect of ANY opiate. It is important to eat as healthy as possible (lots of salads & fruits) & to drink plenty of water.i

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I've also switched from Percocet to morphine sulfate ER. I am actively attempting to get off narcotics all together and just live with the pain of a botched foot surgery and my "gloves of pain" hand arthritis because I am tired of the FDA dictating how my chronic pain can be managed rather than my doctor. That and being treated like a criminal. As a working mom, I was so proud that I broke down from Fentanyl patches (pure hell) to just 30 mgs of Percocet a day and managed to stay functional and going to work every day. But I have the same problem. Morphine just doesn't work for me. I don't understand why, but not only do I get zero pain relief, the morphine doesn't even slightly mitigate the withdrawal symptoms. I am effectively going cold turkey and the functionality I held onto for so long...gone. I can't get out of bed, every muscle is on fire, I vomit, have panic attacks. Now, Day 12 with no end in sight, I've lost my job, and I don't have energy left to lift my head off the pillow or even cry. So you have my sympathy, my friend. Whether Dr. FDA acknowledges it or not, morphine simply does not work for some people. I hope you find pain relief some other way.

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The answer is very easy.......take Colace. It's a stool softener. If you need something stronger take Peri-colace,...a combo stool softener/laxative (not as strong as a laxative, which is bad to take long term).

Both come in a generic form. Buy the store brand. It's cheaper. It's Docusate Sodium or Docusate Calcium (I use the D. calcium).

You'll need to take more than the regular dose. Double the dose at first...see how it works. Then add or subtract until you reach the dose that makes you "regular' again.

Take it every day after dinner. You should have regular bowel movements daily....once you figure out the right colace dose for you.

Also, Drink lots of water and eat foods with fiber.....fruits and veggies. This helps things along ...(.plus it's heathy)

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I am currently on 40 mg of Methadone daily due to failed back surgery. I have been on same dose for 3 1/2 years and it's not touching my pain due to the tolerae built up. My pm Dr wants to change me to MS Contin 30 mg × 4 times a day. I'm worried this will not give me the pain relief I need. Anybody have any input? I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hermit - don't know if you are still posting but I'm certainly worried about your prediction that govt is trying to or moving towards getting rid of ALL narcotics. I am not generally a conspiracy theory type but I know what I can do WITH pain meds that I cannot do Without them - and the misery is what I dread. It sucks that so many people with high pain tolerance (like having a root canal with no lidocaine) try to look down on people who need help to control pain. It seems to cycle in this country, (wasn't it Clinton who introduce or made the Pain Chart mandatory in ER's?) Freedom from Pain is a right that should not be taken away from Americans.

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