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Anyone out there used Morphabond ER for chronic back pain and sciatica? My pain management Dr just put me on it (was on Opana ER) and I'm sick these first days. Weak, nauseous, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, very uncomfortable and the pain management isn't that great. How long will I feel sick like this? Anyone know out there??? My Dr. took me off Opana ER because it was taken off the market. The illicit drug users were abusing it.

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I'm really sorry about your situation. I was in a very similar one. I was also on Opana Er and was very happy with my pain control which took years to figure out just the right drug and strength. I was so upset when I walked into my pain clinic and they told me opana was no more. I couldn't believe they took it off the market because it was being abused. So is oxycontin and many others and they are still available. My doctors tried to go a similar path with me changing me to MS Contin which is also extended release morphine. The only difference in MS Contin and Morphabond is the level of abuse-deterrent in the pills. Morphabond is newer and made like the new oxycontin where it turns into a gel mess if you try to misuse it. I never cared about what they did to the pill as long as it worked. I had no such luck with morphine. It didn't control my pain at all and I had a reaction to one of the inactive ingredients in MS Contin generic that gave me hives. Morphine was the earliest available pain killer created in about 1806. I usually like older meds because they are well studied and doctors know what the long-term effects are, but sometimes the newer meds have been made to surpass the old and that was the case certainly with opana. I had to come off the morphine and with very little options left my pain management group. So I am back to oxycodone and still in pain all the time. I do miss the basically pain-free days I had on opana, but those days are gone and I am feeling kind of lucky I still have medications when so many others are just being thrown off their medications for fear of opiates. I really pray your situation gets better and either Morphabond will work or they will find something to help you. Good luck to you.

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What Mg are you on and what Mg Opana were you on? And just so you know they still make opana just not under that name. I've been getting oxymorphone 30mg ER for years now and it's the absolute best. So tell your doc you want to be switching to that for now on. It's the generic version and it's a godsend!!! You just have to make sure its written exactly like that Oxymorphone 20,30 or 40mg ER 2 tabs a day per qid every 12hrs. Let me know how it goes. Trust me, you wont be disappointed

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THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR REPLY. I was on 10 mg of Opana, twice a day. It was perfectly painfree and no side effects with it. I'll tell my doctor about your suggestion. This site is invaluable for many people with drug problems. Thanks again!! I think it's a great idea. I dread the day I have to stop pain meds totally - do you??? I had a failed back surgery - left me with pain and sciatica. How about you?

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So glad you wrote - Yes I too loved Opana. I felt great and my pain was manageable. Another person on this site wrote me & told me that Oxymorphone ER (extended release) was the generic of Opana. Ask your Dr. for Oxymorphone ER - comes in various milligrams. I'm going to my pain management next week and ask her for this generic. This Morphobond ER just isn't as good Opana ER. I hate needing medicine for pain, but I'm stuck with permanent nerve damage. Sorry for you too. Make an appt. with your Dr. and get the generic. FAST.

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Hello Betty,

It's really difficult to tell if your body is reacting to coming off of the Opana or from going to the morphabond. The reason for this is that everything you listed is a withdrawal symptom of Opana as well as symptoms of starting Morphabond. The time frame for getting better will really be determined by the cause of the symptoms as well as your bodies ability to overcome that situation. If you're experiencing a withdrawal from the Opana you are looking at experiencing some if not all of these for a few weeks up to a two or three months. If you are experiencing these symptoms because of the Morphabond you could expect to see these for as long as the first month.

It is important to note that if these symptoms continue to get worse you should consult your doctor as it could be your body is not reacting well to the medicine and there is something more severe happening like an allergic reaction.

I hope this helps. Best of luck.

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Thank you so much for caring Betty. I was on the generic already for the Opana ER but when the FDA and the company Endo decided to remove the brand name from the market, my pain management group decided to no longer prescribe any form of it at all. I was ok with the generic mainly because it didn't have as many of those weird new abuse-deterrent mechanisms in them. And that's not because I want to abuse my medicine but because my condition prevents the release of the medicine in the proper way. The brand name Opana ER and the new version of Oxycontin were virtually useless to my body the way they are made. The same would be true with the Morphabond it I had ever tried it because it is made with those same mechanisms. Thank goodness I have great docs that understood my pancreatic condition and digestive problems. You should do fine on the generic Opana. It worked well for me. I know the generic I took was forced to take theirs off the market for a patent reason but I am pretty sure activis brand is what is still available. Anyways sorry about the length of this, but good luck and I pray your doctor will put you back on the medicine that works for you. I no longer get proper pain control without the oxymorphone but I'm surviving with what I do get. I am thankful I am not one of those unfortunate people who were just simply kicked out of pain management for fear of the FDA. Ughhh it makes me upset all these non medical people deciding my medical fate instead of the old days of just doctor and patient. I look forward to hearing that you are back on your medicine soon.

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No problem. Glad I could help, and yes I do dread the day I have to stop or am forced to stop. I've been in 2 car accidents and have bulging disks and ruptured ones in my neck. Please let me know how it goes at your doc. I'm interested to know.

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Get off pharma trust me just capsule a ton of kratom look I know pain sucks but you can’t keep being an experiment to drugs going off and on and then watch it’s gonna come in generic and you’ll be pushed to take the generic ! I had to beg for opiates then I got the weight and pain manageable and then boom opiod crisis and agenda hit! It’s just not worth it anymore you’re in less pain taking nothing and I’m stage 10 pain. Order a bunch from Krazy kratom and capsule it yourself . What’s your insurance? If it’s medicaid or medicAre get off anything pain or mental health related !

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Sorry to hear about your situation with your meds. I too had a failed back surgery in 1991. My pm gave me OxyContin for a few years but after taking them for so long, my body began to tolerate it & they no longer worked for me. It’s horrible having to rely on these drugs to get any kind of relief. In 2003, my pm decided to implant a pain pump in my lower left side of my abdomen & a line that runs up to the T10 of my spine. I no longer take opioids for pain. I do have some breakthrough pain though pain. My doctor continued to prescribe Soma (generic) for those times. Now I don’t have to go to see my Dr every month. The pump has a continuous feed which can last up to 3 months. Then I go in & he refills the pump. I have a number of meds in the pump that my dr orders just for me.

The problem with the FDA & the government is that it's getting out on the streets. Not that I think anyone in this chat would do this. It’s just what their thinking which then filters down to the doctors & their patients. There will come a time when the government will put so much pressure on our doctors that they will no longer prescribe anything for fear of being shutdown. The drug seekers will always find a way to get their drugs & that has nothing to do with us. But we will be the ones that suffer. If that happens, they will see more people looking for drugs just to get relief from their pain. This is why I’m glad that I got the pump implanted. I no longer fear of carrying around pain meds. Losing them or god forbid being robbed. I hope you continue to get relief, I just wanted to put an alternative out there because there will come a time when the government goes too far & every pain patients gets screwed. Also sign every petition out there regarding pain meds. Good luck.

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Hello Betty, it sounds like you are going through withdrawals from the Opana you were on.. You need to keep in mind that Opana is many more times as potent as your new medication, which is Extended release morphine.. Maybe you can talk to your doctor and let him know that this medication just isn't working for you. Good luck! H...

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I got off Oxycontin after a year of it. Went through detox. Now for pain I use cannabis cream and it is remarkable. Systemically, I just take acetaminophen because I have pretty bad GERD and can't take any NSAIDs or aspirin derivatives. I'm always in pain, but it's manageable. Good luck

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Krandy123 (# 10) --

thanks for your response. Where do you get this cannibas cream?? I'm in Virginia. Also, do you just apply the cream on your back or whatever hurts? Tell me what detox was like when you went off of Oxy. I'm thinking about giving up opioids for pain. thanks for your help. Is Detox really bad and how long does it last??? what were symptoms?

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betty (# 11) --

My detox was rough because I had been on Oxy for 13 years and was up to 100mg a day! I went to a program here in Northern California run by John Muir Health Center, Concord run by a saint of a doc who has run something like 30,000 detoxes through his clinic in the past 30 years. I was in for a week and we went to daily meetings a la 12-step, which was odd for me because I wasn't addicted to the drug--as you know, there's no high after the first week or so. I was "addicted" to being out of my pain. I think it's all about who staffs the facility you're at. They need to be kind and compassionate and knowledgeable, not in it for the money. Medicare covered mine, but that was 2 years ago before Trump and the new "Republicans" decided to cut back on health care programs so I'm not sure how much is still covered. Probably all of yours there ifn Virginia (I used to live in D.C.) I was determined to do this because the drug starts to work against you after a while and causes as much pain as it relieves. I would never discourage anyone from trying to detox off Oxy. I feel like I have my life back. I'm happier, I can remember things, and my mind is clearer even though I didn't think that was a big problem. I'd encourage yo to discuss it with your doctor, especially if you can can take NSAIDs for pain. Good luck.

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Krandy123 (# 12) --

thanks for your reply - but where do you get the cannibas cream?? And what did you go though physically to get off the oxy? I'm curious because I'm scared of the discomfort. What is it like?

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Unfortunately, Opana is quite stronger than Morphabon. It’s kinda like switching from Oxycodone to Hydrocodone. You should start feeling better in a couple of days, or as your system starts getting used to having Morphine instead of Oxymorphone in it. Give it a chance and I hope everything gets better.

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Sounds to me like your detoxing your old medicine out, and trying to start the new one...I have to look what your new one is but yes, I believe it's detox... I have read some interesting articles about doctors taking pain meds away and replacing them with well, not so great ones...the government now runs the doctor, they are so afraid to write a script anymore...what they are doing is cruel to pain sufferers...and it's only going to get worse. They think we had a high suicide rate before, just wait and see.

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