Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, And Artvigil Effectiveness?


Has anyone tried these generic Modafinil and Armodafinil meds who can compare them to U.S. prescription brand name or generics? I know 2 of them are made by Sun pharma. I've had Sun pharma generic Adderall which was utter crap and another generic of theirs that seemed weak so no faith in them. The other is produced by HAB pharma which is another Indian company. Nothing against India in general, just their pharmaceutical industry culture is really bad and make cheap drugs often resulting in weak versions.

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Modafinil If I remember correctly when I took this it was for MS fatigue It did nothing for the extreme fatigue it was suppose to help . for me it was just another junk med thrown at me I tried taking it for a month with so much hope huge let down.

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Been a while. Have tried the Sun pharma modalert and waklert. And a generic prescription modafinil, I forget the actual brand of. Prescription worked better than the modalert. And modalert is stronger than waklert, but wears off far far sooner. But waklert is also 50mg less at 150mg.
Also tried the modafinilXL inhouse brands. Not as good as sun pharma brands. Still better than nothing if you don't have options.

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I don't know the name brand of my adderall since my pharmacy doesn't list that , however I always ask for the orange oval ones if it a 20 mg and if it a 10 mg I ask for the blue pills , if not they will give me whatever ??? Last time they gave me these white ones in both 20 and 10 mg's and they were terrible !

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The post was about a modafinil/armodafinil. Not Adderall. But, you mention orange oval 20mg and blue oval 10mg. That is most likely Teva brand. It is better to specify the brand since some makers can have similar shapes and colors as others. In which what is written on it will make the difference.

Most people agree that Teva or Sandoz brand are the ones that work the best. And the Teva generic is the exact same formulary as the name brand Adderall. Tell your prescriber to write Sandoz or Teva brand only on the script and you won't have to worry about it.

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