Metoprolol And Fertility Enhancers


I currently take metoprolol fir high blood pressure. I want to start using a product called Fertility Blend to help me conceive. Can the two be taken safely together?

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Fertility Blend is a nutritional supplement, which means it actually hasn't been proven to help with fertility, nor has it been tested for possible interactions with prescription medications.

That said, you should check with your doctor first, because too much or too little of some of the nutrients it contains can be dangerous, so they may wish to check your levels of them first, before you start this.

Learn more Metoprolol details here.

Learn more vitamin details here.

Are you also taking any fertility drugs?

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Thanks for your reply :) No, I'm not taking any other fertility drugs. I have used Fertility Blend in the past, with great success, so I know it's fine for me, but at that time, I was not taking any prescription medicine. I will discuss this with my pcp, but I'm almost certain she isn't familiar with Fertility Blend, lol.

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