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Hi I'm Puni from Chennai .... My periods have been delayed for 3 days but having more pain ... So I need the name of the tablet to help my menstrual cycle. ## Hi, I'm rose, 29 yrs old. Please I need a medicine to use, my period has been delayed for a day and I'd like to be back on a regular menstrual cycle. Its urgent pls. Thanks. ## TAB; Gynaecosid and TAB; Methergine. These tabs you can use for starting your menses but not used in pregnancy. {edited for privacy} ## My period is irregular and I still want to be able to get pregnant. Which medicine can help? ## HI. M 23 YRS OLD ITS TOO LATE FOR MY PERIODS EXACT 1 MONTH 10 DAYS NEXT MONTH IS MY MARRIAGE ON 17 APRIL SO PLZ TELL ME THE TABLES ITS URGENT ## I had my period last month on 7th april...then i had no physical relatio...

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What is Methergine used for? Any info would be appreciated. ## Methergine was prescribed for me for migraines to contract the blood vessels (a vasoconstrictor), prescribed by the Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My class of migraines responds to all of the vasoconstrictors. Methergine has been used for pregnant women to stop bleeding. regular Primary Care physicians know little about migraines. Cafergot is in that class, I believe and works well for me, but watch for rebound headaches in long term use. This class is more responsive for me than Imitrex category. Hope this helps some. ## Where did you fill your script? I can't find. Anyone who carries it

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Received a methergine shot after delivery for hemorrhaging, never got much breast milk. Is it because of this? ## Hello, Kate! How are you? Congrats on the baby! And yes, it can cause that in some women, generally it is advised to avoid breast feeding for at least 12 hours after the last dose. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you he is a joy! Did you have the methergine yourself? Most lactation consultants seem to know little about it. I struggled to breastfeed, and I was always just told that the methergine would be out of my system by now. I don't know if it had long term effects on me bc it was introduced before my milk even “came in".

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what is methergine... what is the effect of it in our body... ? ## Metherine is a brand name for Methylergonovine, an Ergot alkaloid, most commonly used to stop excessive bleeding that can occur after having a baby or an abortion. ## my girl just had an abortion last thursday.consequently an excessive flow of blood's occurred since.tell me how to stop it before she's losing all of what is left. ## I was reading that bleeding can continue anywhere between 3 days to 5 weeks after the procedure. Below is a link to an informative article about recovering from an abortion. Please go over it with your girl, and help to make sure she's doing all she can to recover quickly. Taken from the above link: Physical Symptoms after an abortion that are cause for concern: Fever over 100 degr...

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