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What is this white round pill with McNELL on one side and the number 3 on the reverse side of the pill? What is it used for? ## Hello Parker, I was able to find a pill that matches your description. A pill with the imprints McNeil and 3 showed up on the NIH listing as a Tylenol with Codeine pill which would be used for pain relief. Below I have sourced some additional information from the NIH. NDC 50458-513 IMPRINT McNEIL;3 INGREDIENTS acetaminophen 300 mg codeine phosphate 30 mg LABEL AUTHOR Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. COLOR White SIZE 11mm SHAPE Round INACTIVE INGREDIENTS powdered cellulose magnesium stearate sodium metabisulfite starch, corn I hope this information helps. Let me know if this isn't the pill you have or if you have any further questions.

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