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I am getting marcaine injections and am on lidocaine patches. I have a urine drug screen this week and am wondering if these can potentially cause a false positive for cocaine? ## i think it would i tested positive for coccaine and i get lidocaine injections in my back ## Please help my Daughter has tested positive for cocaine from her pain clinic and she goes in every week PLUS she does random drug testing threw the county because CPS is involed . She has had her kids back for 3 months and she had tested positive b4 so thats when CPS said that they wanted to do the color coded radom ones BUT she does not use cocaine !!!! the medicines she has been taking for almost 8 years now are Oxycodone/Acctaminohen 5/325 1tablet every 4 to 6 hrs needed for break threw pain, Morphine tablets 30mg 1...

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I have severe perepherial neurapathy in feet. 1 foothas open wound. I use a compound of Gaba / ketaprophane / ketamine / clonopine / amtriptaline / lindocaine, and marcaine. With this rubbed on feet and into wound for comfort, will test positive for cocaine? ## using a compound for severe perepherial neurapathy, consisting of lindocaine, ketamine , ketaproplene, marcaine, amitriptaline. Have open wound some compound will enter at times. Will this compound ever cause a positive for cocaine in a UA? ## i have a compound mixed for severe perepherial neuropathy on my feet. I also have a dermal ulcer on one foot as well. the compound has lidocaine , ketamine, marcaine, ketapropalene, clonopine. At times, the compound gets in the wound. Recently, job requires drug testing. Heard ingestion alt...

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