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Before 1995 (the year they actually quit selling Marax to Americans here in the USA), it was manufactured by Pfizer and contained Amphetamine (10 or 100 mg dosages), Theophylline (bronchial dilate) and an Antihistamine.... The reason why they stopped using Amphetamine and replaced it with Ephedrine, is so they wouldn't get sued up the arse royally.... I have every serious side effect from being prescribed Marax from 1970 to 1995.... I have an old medical drug dictionary in storage, that has Marax' ingredients in it, and my prescriptions were the 100mg dosages.


As a child, I was given Marax to help when I had an asthma attack. I remember being afraid to take the Marax pill. It would make me sleepy. When I would go to bed I would feel paralyzed. I had the feeling that if I allowed myself to fall asleep, I would die. It felt as though a great weight was pressing on my body. I couldn't move. As an adult I have learned that I may be malignant hyperthermia susceptible. I am curious if there is a correlation between the drug Marax and malignant hyperthermia. ## Hello, Kathleen! How are you? I'm sorry about everything you've been through. It's a shame that as a child it wasn't explained to you that those are all just symptoms of dreams. Sleep paralysis like that occurs in many people and is fairly common, especially under the infl...

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the marax capsules is not available in nearby medical...plz provide number of any medical or place in mumbai or near to mumbai from where i can get this capsule. plz give responce fast ..thank u ## I am also looking for MARAX capsule. Please help me if i can order online. Shabeena, Did you manage to get the capsule?? ## if any indian medical shops available MARAX? if so please send a message. {edited for privacy} Regards, prakash ## no .. actually i was looking that for my mother ... but now our family doc gave her new tabs in replacement of marax ... now she is using atarax 10 mg and deriphyllin retard 150 ..prescribed by doc :) ## Is it working the way marax ## i am looking for marax or substitue with same composition please help me out . mother suffering from past 45 years and taking...

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I found some medication in my medicine cabinet and I am not sure what they are .the number on the pills are G254 ## After gathering information from the description provided, I discovered the G254 marking on a pill by the name of Marax. The color of this particular pill is white, with an irregular shape of a solid M imbedded on one side as the logo, and the letters ROERIG254 on the other side. Marax is a drug used for treatment of asthma. If you would like to view more information about this pill, please follow the link below... Also, for further references, the active ingredients in Marax are: Ephedrine, Hydroxyzine, and Theophylline. Do you have any more questions or concerns? Please post back if you do, and I will assist you.

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