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I have been taking Adderall for many years and I've never noticed a smell or taste. However, my most recent Rx (same generic manufacturer as normal, Mallinckrodt) has a *very* strong smell, like a multi-vitamin, and terribly disgusting taste. I even took it back into the pharmacy to make sure I wasn't losing my mind, she agreed but couldn't figure out why. They are the white, Dextroamp-Amphetamin 15 mg tab. Has anyone else had this issue?

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I am not sure because I refuse to take that one. They’re SUPER weak compared to Teva.

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They don't change the drug - they reformulate the drug...

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Can you elaborate because I noticed that with the 20s and for the record I'm currently prescribed Vyvanse, but sometimes switch back to Adderall and the 20s seem to work better than the 30s sometimes, which makes no sense. But I noticed the 20s seem to be the sweet ones and the 30s seem to be more bitter and less effective. I wonder if the Dextro to Amphetamine ratio is different, especially the l-amphetamine?

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Probably changed the binding material. Yes this has happened to me with the original Wellbutrin. A very long time ago they actually added a desiccant to the container but people started to eat the plastic silica packet. They actually had to put a warning label, ultimately they chose to coat the tablets. This was like 20 years ago but it does happen. Try contacting the manufacturer.

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Yes, the isomers are probably not accurate. They are not going to waste time separating them. Close is close enough.

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I don’t know, I don’t take that brand because they are trash. I am really sensitive to medication, sometimes I break my Adderall and a half and take two smaller doses instead of one larger does. That particular kind I have to take 50% more than the dose I am told it take to even feel it where is all the other ones I break it in half and it’s fine. Hopefully they changed it made it actually real medication because I don’t think it was before

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I’ve had the same problem just recently brain fog, upset stomach, and it’s not even working

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headaches, stomach issues, and moodiness are common symptoms when they switch inactive materials. yes, smell is also a factor. I don't know what to tell you other than you are not crazy...

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