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## Slo mag is simply a magnesium supplement. It is often used to treat magnesium deficiency or is used to prevent magnesium deficiency is people who take drugs that deplete magnesium- the most common being diuretic medications or water pills. Some people with heart problems are given Slo Mag to make sure that their magnesium level stays in the normal range. Really the only Magnesium Side Effect that you have to be concerned about is loose stools. You should have your magnesium levels monitored by your doctor occasionally as well. ## I asked my doctor what the best form of Magnesium was for my heart, osterporosis, and chronic constipation. He suggester Slo Mag. I asked the Target pharmacy if they carried it and they gave me Mag 64 - Magnesuim Chloride which they said was the same. Howeve...

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