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I had been opoid tolerant for 15 years due to chronic medical conditions. Due to the ever increasing difficulty obtaining prescription pain medication from pharmacies w/o big bother watching, I went to a mexican border town 2 years ago to have fun and refill a scrip of hydro. they had me see a cheap doc next to the pharmacy. He filled it. As I got scripts in US for hydro then filled in Mex all was fine. The Mex Pharm said he would send me roxi 30, he did but I had scrips at home I got busted for illegal poss contr ll. Felony. OUCH! Are scripts legal to fill after 5 months after writing? Also there is extreme prejudice regarding the way one ingests meds through nose, mouth or other. My choice was through nose. I declared that my reasons were that I used less and was easier on stomach as ...

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