Lyrica And Possible Suicidal Side Effects


I know of someone that just committed suicide who also happened to be taking Lyrica. It may be impossible to know if the two things are linked. She was not depressed or suicidal before taking this drug that I know of; and as far as I know, only her mother noticed any changes in her personality leading up to this event. Since her death 6 days ago, I have read more than a few horror stories about not only Lyrica, but Ambien, and epilepsy drugs as well. My mother suffers from neuropathy, and that is my only knowledge of what it must be like to suffer pain so terrible that one would risk the known side effects, which include suicidal behavior; but I hope that everyone takes these warnings seriously. When the drug company says it is "rare", but cites a 1 in 500 statistic... please realize that this is NOT all that rare. Please take care of yourselves and reach out to friends and family that know and love you as well as well vetted medical professionals for advice.

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I am very sorry that you lost someone so tragically and thank you for posting your warning for others.

There are blackbox warnings on most of these medications regarding the possibility of these paradoxical effects happening, but I really don't think that's quite enough. Beyond that I think pharmacists and doctors should be required to acknowledge it and warn someone, before they are given such medications.

It is an unfortunate fact that many do not read the monograph they receive with their medications.

Learn more paradoxical reaction details here.

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This is a very dangerous drug. I started a little over two weeks ago on 50mg, within 10 days I was not just sucidial, but violent - including beating myself with a metal rod on the head. I am waiting to receive a complaint form from the FDA. It is 3 days since I stopped the drug, the thoughts have diminished but have not gone away.

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