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i have just been given Lustral and was told to stop taking the Amitriptyline has anyone been changed onto this and is it working for you thanks Claire x ## Hi i was on both, 150 sertroline ( lustral ) and i think it was 45 mg amitriptyline, but that one is a sleeper, so not good for anyone, it makes you feel so rough whereas just taking the sertraline now only higher dose of 200mg but it works much better than the combined two. Im glad youve been told to stop taking them, my psyc even said i could take in pregnancy :O i did in the beginningthen stopped....... my baby was then born prem so not sure if they played a part in it or not but they are no good for you, they knock you out and you never want to wake up or when you do you never feel fully awake, well thats my view anyway ha :) ## ...

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